31 AUG, SWEDEN as a destination; business, culture, lifestyles. A conversation with LENA EKDAL, Stockholm

5 AUG; Tokyo/Japan Business & Culture & Lifestyles. Pictured here, BEN WADA, representing IAS, International AutoSource. Also, JOHN SCHULDT, IAS Director-Global Business Development. Rob Maisel,1-time Japan xpat, and also Katheryn Gronauer, Japan-based owner, THRIVE TOKYO.

26 AUG, we discuss “Positive Conflict Resolution”, authored by Melinda Stallings. How to Take any Situation from Breakdown to Breakthrough in 8 Simple Steps.

17 July, Yvonne Quahe, Managing Change, World Bank Family Network – WBG

Introducing HALEY FRIARY, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR. A strategic Global Human Resource Executive with over 15+ years of experience, Haley is an integral member of the executive team, Friary navigated both VC backed and public companies through global strategies and successful hyper-growth of up to 10X.

5 AUG@17:30 CET; Distributed work… global talent … JOBS to the PEOPLE … or, RELO? GLOBALTV is LIVE from Amsterdam +beyond

JOSH SCHACHNOW, CEO @ Visto.ai – The free platform that helps international students and skilled workers navigate Canadian immigration.

Pastor Kenny Jahng, Easter Across America; helping mission-driven orgs create content with purpose to gain traction & drive engagement with their audiences.

COMPENSATION INSIDER Sandrine Bardot, Dubai-based. We discuss how the digitalisation of HR can help provide an employee experience which is on par with the expectations we all now have as digital consumers.