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International Competitiveness with Hampton Dowling, Managing Partner, the HCB Group LLC

A successful P&L executive performing in demanding roles leading partnerships and programs. Success has depended on an ability to listen, condense and articulate the bigger picture with traceable leadership decisions that satisfy customer needs, shareholder expectations and achieve clear objectives. Speed to market does matter. Today’s international partner-centric business culture centers on mature leadership skills coupled with an acute understanding of relevance, scale, technical evolution, impact and performance. Success demands the ability to construct and act upon the mental model of the bigger picture.

• Led actions in all positions to achieve higher returns above risk-adjusted cost of capital.
• Successfully reversed troubled programs in cost overrun position and improved performance.
• Delivered enterprise-scale solutions and services across multiple verticals in twelve countries.
• Managed relationships with heads of state, ministerial levels, Service Chiefs, labor leaders.
• Led diverse collaboration with US Inter-Agency, UN+EU agencies, NGOs, Int’l Public Sector.
• Recognized public speaker, contributor to multiple int’l publications, congressional testimony.
• Fluent in new Federal ethics and compliance regulations.
• Naval officer in command grade with service worldwide.

Specialties: Int’l business management | strategic planning & execution | crisis turnaround management | joint ventures and strategic partnerships | multi-vertical programs. Certified PM for US DoD | certified Project Management Professional (PMP) | Green Belt Lean Six Sigma

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Ebola: What you Need to Know, with Dr. Jane M. Orient

Dr Jane M Orient

Our special guest is Dr. Jane M. Orient, MD Executive Director of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  

Americans may assume that we are immune to or well-protected from the societal chaos and diseases that are spreading through the world.

This is a prescription for a massive …but preventable… disaster.

We need to treat Ebola as a wake-up call.

Even if we discount any possibility of malicious intent, we need to remember the mega-deaths of the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Whatever the source, epidemics like Ebola must not be viewed with complacency.

Here are things the U.S. urgently needs to do, even if the current Ebola furor is a false alarm