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Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, Kidnap, Extortion & Allied Perils


April 10, 2018



8:00 – 9:00 am,




Welcome Remarks & Introductions

     Edwin Cohen, Moderator – Publisher,

Edward Rivas, AIG Regional Manager

Fritz Barjon, President, AIG Kidnap & Ransom / Active Shooter Division



Global Risk Inside the US

(Retired) Colonel Gus Green – AIG Global Threat Assessment

You will learn more about:

Historical synopsis; events foreign and domestic

Targeting specific installations

How your organization can assess/review risks, find weak points in physical installations



Coffee Break



Duty of Care

Active Shooter & Workplace Violence

 Kendall Moore, SVP

Abernathy & MacGregor

You will learn more about:

Psychology of Crisis Communications

Perception of Corporate America

How to shift attitudes/actions from “PR” to Crisis Communications

Managing the crisis; orchestrating support activities

Keeping victim(s), families, visiting guests, employees well informed

Understanding principals involved when working with mainstream media

Learn proactive steps to navigate social media


Workplace Violence Leading Indicators

Hart Brown, COO – Firestorm, Inc.

You will learn more about:

History and evolution of workplace violence

How managers can help employees see & report leading indicators of workplace violence

How organizations can prevent escalation

How advanced loss control services can reduce the incidence of workplace violence

How to make claims less traumatic for both affected employees & the organization






Call the Police! 

Active Shooter / Workplace Violence

Officer Charles Martin – Retired Atlanta Police Department

You will learn more about:

            History/Evolution of active shooter & workplace violence

Solutions – enhanced protocols/preparedness by Law Enforcement

How you can survive an incident

What to expect when Law Enforcement arrives – & what NOT to do

How organizations can work better with Law Enforcement to prevent & respond to incidents


Case Study:

Former Victim Discusses Her Ordeal

                        Mrs. Barbara Zurita, Mexican Citizen but now permanent resident of Houston, TX

Victim will share with you:

            How her life was idyllic, even in high crime Mexico City

How this “old acquaintance” surveilled her & her preschool son without drawing suspicion

The actual kidnapping event – Her daily ordeal

Her release…subsequent psychological issues, leading her to relocate to Houston

She will tell you how to take preventive measures; if kidnapped how to react & live through it








Register securely .. $89/seat