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30  NOV 

Hoboken NJ

 Host / Facilitator

Ernst & Young - LSTA

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Re-imagining 2024 workplace;

The strategic role of diverse, globally mobile talent.

Creating an investment attitude. 



well-prepared, compliant, continuously coached / developed and






Creating an investment atmosphere, a culture for upskilling + reskilling 

Assignment styles / Re-imagining Talent Mobility / Duty 2 Care 

Developing new Leadership training

Design Thinking 

Agility / Resilience / Communicating Clearly / Media Training

Repatriation / Talent Retention R-O-I

Total Rewards

Compliance:  Tax / Legal   

Tech  A I  integration


Ed Cohen – Producer / Moderator


Broadcaster  GLOBALTVtalkshow

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… a Global Meeting Room 

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in-person morning + virtual afternoon

Amit Banker

Partner, People Advisory Services

New York

Profile photo of Amit BankerAmit Banker is the Americas People Mobility Solution and Financial Services Markets leader in EY’s People Advisory Services practice.

Amit has over 23 years of experience with HR/global mobility program transformation, international tax planning and HR transactions.

Amit also has significant experience consulting across all areas of Payroll, Tax, HR Service Delivery, and Global Mobility.

Amit has helped multinational corporations develop global payroll strategies, structure and implement global assignment and business traveler programs, cross-border tax planning, cost minimization strategies, and complete global HR risk assessments and remediations.

Amit also advises clients on global compensation and benefits issues and has significant experience with global equity and cash based incentive programs.

“It’s yours to build.”

EY maintains over 385,000 staff across 150 countries and supports market leading practices in Wellbeing, Recognition, Benefits and Compensation. Total Reward is a strategic enabler of the exceptional EY experience, “It’s yours to build.”

NOV 30 GlobalBusinessnews WORKSHOP: 

What do people talk about

when they mention “frustration” at work ?

Profile photo of Ken Oehler Ken Oehler, PhD

Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Ken helps companies align their culture with business strategy.

Senior Partner Head of People Science

an authority in people science and the whole person experience providing Advisory and Technology Solutions.

RADICL’s 2023 State of the Work Experience Report examined the current work experience, gaps and solutions to help create an Epic work experience for everyone. This research of over 1,000 U.S. workers shows that just 21% of people have an Epic work experience defined as having reason (purpose), accomplishment, direction, identity, connection and learning.  For these lucky few, the top words to describe their experience are fun, happy, nice; caring, valued; fulfilling, rewarding, exciting; flexible, collaborative, challenging and productive. Their work is full of meaning, clarity and connection…and they work longer and are more productive.

The 8 out of 10 without an Epic work experience also describe their experience as fun, rewarding and challenging. Unfortunately, for the 8 out of 10 without an Epic work experience, exhausting, stressful, micro-managed, overwhelmed and …frustrating are among the Top 10 words used to describe their experience. 

Exploring the 2023 RADICL dataset further, this paper examines the degree, and sources, of worker frustration, and provides insight into how leaders can unlock the upside productivity potential of an Epic work experience.  We analyzed what words co-occur with the words “frustrating” or “frustrated” from the work experience descriptions for the 79% without an Epic work experience. The graphic above shows that the loudest sources of frustration have to do with lack of clarity, conflicting priorities, competence of leaders, micromanagement, boring/repetitive tasks and overwork/stressNot allowing remote work or feeling underpaid are top of mind for many workers but not the greatest sources of frustration. There are some more subtle, peripheral themes that indicate these frustrating experiences are connected to negative outcomes like quiet quitting, productivity and customer service.  Most of these themes have to do with how work is managed and how an individual’s effort and impact are being stifled – by leaders and managers (labeled as incompetent). Tune-into my discussion on GlobalTVtalkshow.

James Moss

James Moss   

FRICS/Broker of Record

Managing Director


New York: +1 (917) 755 4788

London: +44 7956 135 132

Office +44 20 7838 1066

NYC: In association with “Brown Harris Stevens

James Moss is the founder and Managing Director of Curzon real estate in London and New York, and of, the Global Mobile Relocation app and platform.

James is an award-winning relocation and real estate expert, being both a British Chartered Surveyor and a Broker of Record in New York and Connecticut.   James uniquely works with clients on both the relocation services side (DSP) and on the real estate side, providing clients and assignees with a wide range of relocation options and solutions to fit everyone’s needs and budgets.

AbsoluteRelo’s cutting-edge mobile technology is already making a substantial impact in the world of global mobile and hybrid relocation, saving clients as much as 80% on traditional corporate relocation costs.

Offices: London and New York

Kenneth Flornes

Kenneth Flornes

New York

Leadership - Primestone Partners

Chief Development Officer,
Primestone Partners LLC
Global Corporate Housing,
Mobility and Advisory

Relocation, Residential, Single Family, Hotels, and Property Technology Solutions

Ken Flornes serves as Chief Development Officer for Primestone Housing Solutions, creating new opportunities and partnerships in housing solutions for corporate, government and developer clients around the world. He spearheads and leads business development in key projects and initiatives in Property Technology, Turnkey Housing Solutions, and Property Management Systems while building key Global Partnerships and Accounts, expanding Primestone’s reach globally across the U.S., Europe, and U.A.E. Ken brings over 20 years of award-winning impact in sectors across Residential Real Estate, Global Mobility, Corporate/Business Housing, Luxury Residential, Property Development, Relocation Services, Global Hotels and Travel.  Known for his expertise in building high-performing Sales and Operations teams from the ground up, and growing and opening new businesses in both domestic and international markets, Ken has launched and managed operations for multiple new business divisions with managed portfolios of over $40MM. He brings tactical experience, established international business relationships and a deep love for global travel. He has lived and worked abroad for over two decades (opening new travel and hospitality ventures) and worked across Scandinavia, Europe, London, and China; Multi-lingual and fluent in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

Heather Secrest

Partner, People Advisory Services


Profile photo of Heather SecrestHeather Secrest is a Management professional with a strong background in International Individual taxation including compliance.

I have experience in advising on global mobility policies, multi-country and cross border Accounting, managing domestic and international team and client relationships as well as providing support to HR, payroll, & legal as well as other Tax issues such as foreign treaties, incentive schemes, compensation and benefits, etc.

Andrew Walker

Global Total Reward Leader

Profile photo of Andrew Walker


Andrew Walker

#totalrewards, #globalmobility, #economicinclusion, #internshipprogram, #nonprofitleadership

Providing leadership for EY’s internal Total Reward practices globally.

Andrew specializes in strategically aligned human resources programs that accelerate people and business agendas.

He has more than 25 years of experience in global human resource program management, with a particular focus on international compensation & benefits and employee mobility.

Andrew has served on several advisory boards and industry leadership positions. He is the former Board Chair of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council and currently Co-chairs Upward Mobility, the diversity internship program for the mobility industry.  

Brenda Levis, CRP

NYC Navigator
Profile photo of Brenda Levis, CRP
WBENC, WOSB & SAM Certified Business
Vistage Member 
Goldman Sachs 10KSB
Brenda Levis, CRP

Experienced Entrepreneur, Founder and President of NYC and New England Navigator, with a demonstrated history of expertise working in the Global Mobility industry.  Strong Business Development professional, skilled in Management, Innovation, Leadership, and Networking.


Tessa International School

Isabelle Bonneau



Profile photo of Isabelle Bonneau

Tessa International School welcomes early years and primary school children who receive a world-class, bilingual education based on the best international models and research.

Our experienced and caring educators nurture and prepare children for academic and social success so that they embrace our increasingly global 21st century with superior knowledge, enthusiasm, and confidence.

We offer three foreign language immersion tracks – Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Tessa is located in Hoboken , New Jersey (by Manhattan, New York) in a brand new, bright and spacious space.

Susan Ginsberg

New York

Susan R. Ginsberg 

founded SRG ADVISORY as Managing Principal.  She integrates companies’ vision and purpose, advising organizations to innovate in a changed world.

 Helping individuals and businesses create strategies through proven methodologies to achieve business growth.  Drawing from more than 30 years of experience leading a diverse portfolio of organizations, industries, and geographies in global mobility and retail.

 She has previously led teams at School Choice International, REA, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s,, and Lancôme. Susan has developed e-learning courses on strategic business development and collaboration for Worldwide ERC ® and the European Relocation Association (EuRA).

 Susan is a 2023 recipient of Worldwide ERC ® ‘s Distinguished Service Award. 

 Additionally, she mentors women and minority-owned enterprises with the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) and The Acceleration Project (TAP).

Stephen McGarry, SCRP

New York

Stephen McGarry, SCRP - Principal Consultant - McGarry ...

Work with clients to create, revise and update policy and procedure within their Global Mobility Programs. Focus on the consistency of the program ensuring all compliance needs are met.

Expertise in all areas of Talent Mobility, including US and International Relocation, Expatriate Management and Repatriation, International Personal Tax, Multi-Country Immigration, Remote Work Policy and Compliance, Local and Shadow Payrolls, International Benefits, Vendor Selection and Management and Executive and International Compensation.

Life of an expat, repatriation, family mental health, emotional well-being and proper coaching, AND MORE…



All of the morning participants are cordially invited to join the zoom broadcast/recording session using their device with headset/earbudd w/mic to facilitate clear communications and engagement in the dialog

Profile photo of Harvinder Hira

Harv Hira

Virtual from Austin

14+ years’ success leading large-scale global mobility functions for high-growth organizations.  Accomplished, versatile professional with a distinguished career history providing collaborative leadership with a commitment to coordinating efforts across teams to achieve corporate goals.  Responsible for the design, development, evolution and management of various global mobility programs ensuring the program fully supports talent acquisition and talent management initiatives, including international and domestic assignments, one-way domestic and international relocations and global immigration.  Experience in leading a team of global mobility professionals, managing and engaging the team to ensure a high level of service with a key focus on employee experience. Additionally, responsible for all program compliance responsibilities, supplier partner management and ensuring the program meets the needs of the businesses and stakeholders.  Considered an industry thought leader with a network of contacts across the global mobility industry.


Aly Orloff

Virtual from Tennessee

   Lockheed Martin logo

Aly commits to innovation, especially the practice and teaching of Agile methodologies.

Part of the LACE in Lockheed Martin, she is an instructor for the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) courses and Lead Coach for one of the Portfolios of the 1LMX Program.   With more than twelve years of Lean-Agile experience in four industries, she has earned many sought-after certifications and put them to practice in multiple Fortune 500 Companies.   Most notable of these include: SAFe Practicing Consultant (SPC) – a highly recognized certification and purpose is training colleagues to thoroughly understand the concepts of SAFe, leading to change in the business.   Six Sigma Green Belt Certification – a set of skills that aid in recognizing and eliminating any risks from business processes. Agile HR Explorer (AHRE) – a new certification that is bringing agility to Human Resources.   Aly embraces a growth mindset as she continues to aim higher. In addition to her multiple certifications, she is currently pursuing the title of SAFe Practice Consultant-T (SPCT)—the most advanced level of certification offered by Scaled Agile.   With this certification, Aly will be able to provide additional knowledge and expertise to the Lockheed Martin employees she trains & consults, a major advantage over other companies in the Defense industry.





Virtual from Austin

Profile photo of Haley Friary, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP, AHREWe only have one atmosphere and CarbonFree is driven by the passionto be part of the global journey to net-zero.

Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing

CarbonFree logo

Chief People Officer, Global,

3x IPO,

1 large public M&A


Melissa Putze  

Speaks  A I

 Image preview

Artificial Intelligence inventor  

The name of my Innovation Campaign idea is

Automate and Standardize Global Business Processes Using Artificial Intelligence.

AI Innovation Challenge Winner
Engineer x 8

Talks about #geek, #deeptech, #womenintech, #biotechnology, #artificialintelliegence

Harvey Castro, MD, MBA

Harvey Castro, MD, MBA.

ChatGPT Healthcare Advisor

Physician with Executive MBA

AI in Healthcare Author Ex-CEO & Physician, aiding in AI’s healthcare integration. Empowering physicians, patients, authoring the AI in healthcare revolution.

Talks about #healthcare,  #leadership,  #physicians,  #chatgpthealthcare,  #healthcareconsulting

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Doreen Cumberford


virtual from Mexico

RE-WIRE YOUR HEAD  today we shine a light on Repatriation and the life-reset that it can be!

Profile photo of Doreen Cumberford

We can sometimes sweep the dark side of expatriation under the carpet, but when we shine the light on it, the process is transformed!

I work with returning executives, accompanying spouses and families who have completed overseas assignments.   I help them recover and debrief from their last overseas experience.   Re-entry can be a rough and rocky road, fraught with hidden expectations and tough choices.   Many suffer in silence, prolonging and postponing the terrific productive lives they could be enjoying.   I solve this!   I help Returnees discover and articulate their next grand vision then take the building block steps towards it, helping them navigate their transition to create their next great adventure.   Specifically, I help them move from reminiscing to reinvention.    After living in seven countries over four decades, I have returned several times and to different home countries.   I am intimately familiar with the process and trained as a coach and mentor to support and assist others.



Virtual from  Milwaukee

TALENT ASSESSMENTS  to confidently Select, Develop & Retain GREAT people Executive Coach Leadership Development Coach Workplace Behavior Connoisseur & Trusted Advisor to Leaders and People Managers

Tatyana St. Germain


Eve Nasby

Virtual from San Diego


BoH Logo 2023.png

Author, Makes Things Happen

Eve Nasby holds 30+ Years in Staffing/Payroll industry as an executive, entrepreneur, and business owner. She’s also hosted a variety of radio and TV shows focused on the HR community and Veterans. A well seasoned entrepreneur and sales leader, she is an expert in managing and growing Contingent Staffing companies, Professional Payrolling, Direct Hire, 1099 Compliance, Military Recruitment, Executive Search, Accounting, Finance, HR, IT, Engineering and Technical Recruiting. She excels at team building and has strong media and communication skills from her experience in TV and radio.

As CEO of Infused, a woman-owned recruiting company, Eve helps great companies architect specialized and cutting edge workforces.

She is the Founder of The Hire Revolution Podcast, an HR information resource designed to inform and inspire HR professionals, and was a TV co-host for a military show. She was also a radio host and producer, highlighting veterans and veteran hiring companies.

Eve also served as Founder and  Executive Director for The House of Hope for Kids, a nonprofit benefiting foster children.

Eve Nasby
Band Of Hands | President
O: 619.244.3000
A: 9320 Chesapeake Dr., Ste. 101, San Diego, CA 92123

Gary Saenger

TOP TIER; Recognized expert in Retained Executive Search

Virtual from L A

Profile photo of Gary Saenger

Gary Saenger

Kim Congdon


People Leader

Virtual from L A

Profile photo of Kim Congdon

My personal brand is

P: the power of People, Performance and Profit

with a reputation for creating environments where optimism, accountability and enthusiasm is contagious.

Adept at operating in a broad range of global and domestic businesses, I look for opportunities to learn new businesses. My background includes technology and high tech manufacturing, media and entertainment, distribution and service, wellness and nutrition, and financial services.   I am recognized as a valued C-level business partner with the ability to drive impactful and sustained results during times of great change such as mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, cultural integration, transforming business models, global realignment and building new organizations.   

Closing keynote

Steven Howard

author of 22 books on LEADERSHIP

Creator of

Humony Leadership click/learn

virtual from Mexico 

Biggest Voices in Leadership 2023

Mentoring Good Managers Into Great Leaders

Global Leadership Skills Development

Leadership Coach  



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