Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, Director, Talent Management at Leidos

Dr J Keith DunbarTransformational leader first…who also has a flair for building people capabilities that drive great organizations. An awesome and dynamic combination…

<> Global talent learning leader recognized for architecting integrated talent solutions.

<> Generate results that have a sustainable impact on organizational culture.

<> Translate business strategy into strategic people capabilities that transform challenges into competitive advantage.

Keith Dunbar leads and supports the talent management needs of 22,000 employees at Leidos. 

– Lead team of 8 executing and supporting Leidos Corporate, National Security Sector and Healthcare & Engineering Sector talent management activities and initiatives.

Responsibilities include:
> Integrated talent management – integration and alignment of my responsibilities listed below with colleagues leading Talent Acquisition and Compensation
> Business and Talent strategy alignment (Capability identification, prioritization, business case development and architecting talent solution investment options)
> Strategic workforce planning
> Education, Learning & Development (Education/Academic relationships, social learning, formal classroom, certifications, elearning, etc.)
> Leadership Development
> High Potential identification, assessment and development
> Succession planning & management
> Performance management
> Diversity & Inclusion
> Learning Management System (LMS)


About Leidos:

Leidos… A FORTUNE 500® company that brings a mix of innovative technology and sector expertise to customers in national security, engineering, and health markets. Our approach is holistic, looking at all the interconnected complexities of a problem and sharing knowledge across disciplines. Our view of data is analytic, finding unexpected meaning and game-changing insight in numbers. Yet our focus is always on making the real world better.

Leidos helps the U.S military, Department of Defense, and federal law enforcement respond to some of the biggest threats to our national security.

Leidos’ national security efforts span every branch of the military and support the full spectrum of military operations – from peace keeping and humanitarian missions to major conflicts. We also help the U.S. Department of Defense, the FBI, and other agencies combat terrorism, cybercrime, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Whether helping the U.S. Army enhance night vision capabilities, the Air Force train far-flung units online, or the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command enable seamless, secure multimedia connectivity, our technical expertise lets U.S. forces work safer and smarter.

Leidos also develops products and applied technologies for anti-terrorism and Homeland Security efforts – inspection systems to scan cargo for contraband, portable X-ray systems to inspect suspect packages, even software to assess the human consequences of technological and natural disasters.


Elena Mosko, CEO of Globiana Concierge

 Elena Mosko, Founder and CEO of Globiana Concierge is Ed’s special guest in this episode. Globiana Concierge is an adaptation support platform focused on the needs of the expat spouse. The services include On-demand Personal Adviser Support, Live Translation, Cross-cultural Training, Adaptation Support, Career and Personal Development Support, country and local-community specific information and access to private on-line community. All from one easy-to-use dashboard. Visit http://globiana.com for details and to request a guided tour of the platform.

Elena Mosko was born in Moscow, Russia (then the Soviet Union) in 1964 in a family of a government official and a publishing house editor. Even though she did not try to paint as a child, she believes her way to emerging as an artist was predetermined by the great works of art she was exposed to her entire childhood.

“We were lucky to grow up around world famous art museums. In Moscow, art is always at your fingertips.  It is bound to “rub off”. I also remember spending hours admiring prints in my mother’s extensive art library. I guess, it had to come out in some form, even if later in life…”

Mosko is an untrained artist and started painting initially under the guidance of a renowned landscape master Stefan Baumann. Oil painting was her way to reflect and meditate on the sights she encountered in her travels.  The hobby quickly turned into passion and produced a number of works now finding their way into homes and businesses in the US and Europe alike.

A Russian native, now calling Northern California her home, finds inspiration for her landscapes in the ever changing moods of nature: “My hope while creating is to share with the viewer the amazing harmony only nature knows.  Just may be, I can bring you a step closer to it…”

The other favorite subject, as she describes it,  are “…the old stones of Europe.  Painting those sights is simply the effort to capture my memories and more importantly the energy those places carry.  South of France medieval towns and Scotland castles are definitely among the favorites. I am thrilled that my audience can see and share my passion.”

Artistic creations by Mosko have helped support a variety of causes.  They were auctioned off to raise funds for educational programs, cancer research, children’s classical music programs, San Francisco Zen Center, local Home and School clubs and other charities.

In the recent years her artistic insight combined with business and marketing background found a new application as she served on the Board of Directors for the Arts Council Silicon Valley.

Mosko resides in Los Gatos and Tahoe with her husband and three sons.

Member of Los Gatos Art Association
Member of Pacific Art League

Winning Customer Love, with Author, Consultant, Speaker Jim Buchanan

Author, Speaker and Consultant, Jim Buchanan meets with Ed Cohen to discuss his new book “Winning Customer Love”.

I have been working in businesses of many different types and sizes for over 40 years. Over the course of my career I have served in just about every functional area and have experienced the trials, tribulations and achievements of entry level, front line supervisor and senior manager roles. I have served as CEO of small and mid-sized companies and head of large functional areas in very large corporations.

Most of my experience is in Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Business Operations including Quality and Continuous Improvement. However regardless of the role, I firmly believe that everyone, everyone, in a company large or small must consider themselves directly accountable for the experience and satisfaction of each and every customer. All businesses begin with a customer giving their money for a product or service and end with that customer at least being satisfied, and hopefully being thrilled to the point of love, with their transaction. Whatever happens between this beginning and ending is what will determine if the business will win the customer’s love, or at best be in second place.

View Jim’s Extended Biography

View and Download Jim’s Resume

Consulting, Coaching and Speaking ServicesWinning Customer Love

I am available to help brands and businesses develop and then execute a strategy to focus on Winning Customer Love.  Please use this Contact form to request more information.  Or call me at 704-962-7405.

I am also available for leadership coaching. In this capacity I help business leaders at all levels to improve their business performance, and their career trajectory, by utilizing the Principles of Customer Love in their role and business. I also help my coaching clients to improve their overall sense of well being and balance in life. Please click here for more information

I am also available to speak at your conference, seminar or workshop. I take a very thorough approach to all speaking engagements to help ensure that we exceed the meeting sponsor’s objectives and expectations. I promise that your team will leave energized to demonstrate love to customers and employees.Please click here for more information.

Born and raised in Wyoming, I earned my bachelor degree in business from Wake Forest University and his master’s in business administration from University of Toledo.

A Six Sigma Master Black Belt as well as a certified yoga instructor, today, I reside in Danville, California.

Website: http://www.winningcustomerlove.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/james-buchanan/17/510/14b

Amber Neben, World-Class Athlete-Cyclist and Author of "When Schmack Happens, The Making of a Spiritual Champion".

Amber began her athletic career at a very young age. She was skiing at 15 months and playing soccer at age 4. Her first major challenge came when she survived a case of spinal meningitis at age four. “After being in a coma for three days, the doctors told my parents I was not going to live. Then they said if I did, I’d be brain damaged and deaf. Thankfully, the Lord had other plans for me!”

Those plans included graduating from Lutheran High School of Orange County where Amber was a very successful student and teammate for the soccer, track and cross country teams. It was during the last two years of Amber’s high school running career that stress fractures began to take a toll. Those stress fractures followed Amber to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where she attended on a track and field scholarship.

At the University of Nebraska, Amber was forced to redshirt her freshman season because the stress fractures returned while she was training for the fall season. “I was motivated, though. Deep down inside, I knew I had a unique talent. God had blessed me with ‘a good plumbing system’ and a desire to compete. I knew I was an athlete. However, I kept getting hurt. Why? Why couldn’t I use this talent?” Sophomore year had Amber competing with the team again and achieving the award of “Comeback Athlete of the Year.” At the end of the season, Amber went for a run and realized the stress fractures were back, but now in her femurs as well as her shins. Amber finished her last two years, class of 1997, as an undergraduate assistant coach with the passion and fire to do more as an athlete.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Amber returned home to southern California and married Jason Neben, who is currently an Assistant Professor of Education at Concordia University Irvine. Amber enrolled at the University of California and began to pursue a PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry. Amber would ride on the lifecycle while she was reading papers and textbooks. For fun, she met some family friends who took her mountain biking. In the fall of 1998, Amber raced in the collegiate national championships. Her top ten finish led to the beginning of her cycling career and the meeting of her then and current coach Dave Jordaan. In 2000, Amber rose through the ranks to be a professional mountain biker.

During 2001, Amber raced in mountain races and road races, being successful in both. “I was chewing on two decisions: road vs. dirt and cycling vs. graduate school. In August I decided to turn my focus to the road. I also made the decision to stop my PhD work, take a Masters degree, and focus on cycling.” Two years later, riding with the T-Mobile Professional Women’s Team, Amber was the U.S. National Champion in road cycling. Her decision to race professionally has taken her all over the world, especially when she joined Dutchbased Team Flexpoint in 2005. She has won major races in the United States and abroad including back to back wins in the Tour de l’Aude Feminin (women’s equivalent of the Tour de France) in 2005 and 2006.When Schmack Happens

Amber’s faith and trust in the Lord has been the foundation of her personal and professional career. She relied upon God’s healing hand as she faced another challenge in the fall of 2007 when she was diagnosed with melanoma, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer. “I have had a number of challenges along the path of my athletic career. I certainly have not understood all of them; however, I have never doubted that the Lord would bring something positive out of each, and this is no different. I have also never doubted that He has got me in His arms, and I certainly feel that peace now.” The melanoma was successfully removed and Amber has experienced a full recovery, with no recurrences to date.

The summer of 2008 was a dream come true as Amber competed for the U.S.A. at the Olympics in Beijing, China. While the race itself turned out to be a disappointment due to a bike mechanical problem, the experience of the opening ceremonies, meeting other Olympic athletes and representing her country was unlike any other. Who would of thought it could get any better? Well, it took just six weeks following the Games in Beijing. On September 24, 2008, Amber became a World Champion as she rode to victory in the Time Trial at the 2008 World Championships in Varese, Italy.

The years following would be some of the most challenging as cycling crashes, broken bones, visits to foreign country ERs, successful surgeries, and rehabbing injuries ocurred in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Each required a focused resolve to return to the highest level of competition. In 2012, Amber was once again selected to represent Team USA at the Olympics, this time in London. To cap off the comeback from the previous years setbacks she finished on the top step of the podium at the World Championships with a win in the Team Time Trial. With an injury free year of racing back under her belt 2013 promised to be an exciting year. It was exciting, all right, but not as hoped. A serious crash at the Tour of California Time Trial mid year left Amber with a broken hip, ribs, and nose. Amber used this experience as the catalyst for writing a book. The next few months, while recovering from the crash, she penned her first book. When Shmack Happens chronicles her response to adversity both on and off the bike, and how her experiences have served to mature her faith in Christ.

As 2014 begins, Amber is back on the bike with a renewed spirit.

Steve Jones, Author of "Start You Up: Rock Star Secrets to Unleash Your Personal Brand and Set Your Career on Fire"

Broadcaster and Author Steve Jones joins Ed Cohen today to discuss his latest book: Start You UpRock Star Secrets to Unleash Your Personal Brand and Set Your Career on Fire”.

Thirty years spent in the music business form the foundation for Steve Jones’ observations on business, marketing, start-you-up-paperback-e03c689b0b0234ab19f8213737eb5984-260x260branding and career growth. Having witnessed the rise (and sometimes fall) of countless rock legends, Jones shares their experiences and stories and shows how to put those lessons into action in order to create a more successful, happier, and rewarding career.

Jones has helped build successful radio brands across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. Today, he is the Vice President of Programing at Newcap Radio, one of Canada’s largest radio broadcasters. He is a highly sought public speaker, sharing the “rock star” philosophies and strategies with companies and conferences worldwide. Jones made his debut as an author in 2011 with Brand Like a Rock Star. Start You Up is his latest book.

Cynthia Reed Pedigo, Sr. Program and Business Development Manager at Intel

Meet Cynthia Pedigo, as she discusses and explores the successes and challenges of Intel’s project to build an expat ecosystem, to welcome their large expatriate population in Dalian, China.

Cynthia’s Bio:

Cynthia Reed Pedigo is a global program manager professional with experience in developing strategy, concept, design and delivery of unique programs in complex areas. Specialties include strategic planning and program design, strategic partnership development, education and workforce development, health care and clinic management, public affairs and creating an expatriate community and infrastructure in challenging locations.

Cynthia has been with Intel over 17 years and prior to her service at Intel, worked in the higher education industry. She is seen as an entrepreneur creatively designing complex projects to meet industry needs.

She designed and developed an award winning expatriate ecosystem in a Tier II city in NE China to recruit and retain top expat talent. This large scale effort included building a community for 1,000 expats including a K-12 international school, a western medical clinic, developing housing solutions and support services. She received four national industry awards for her work.

Cynthia was a key founder of Intel’s largest philanthropic program reaching 10 million teachers and has a strong background in community and employee engagement. She co-founded the United Nations Association in Austin and has served on several community boards.

Pedigo holds a master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in International Relations and a bachelor’s in Russian and Government along with her teaching certification and real estate license.