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Hello and WELCOME to this section we call GLOBALHRNEWS …an original print trade magazine we created/launched for the new century (2000). See below some actual magazine editions (click on 1 or more…scroll-thru them to see the scope and depth and quality production)  … enjoy the “ride” thru history.

We also display a few globalTVtalkshows which, at the time of their release, provided a spike of new audiences, US and global, because of the interesting topics. See many TVshows at globaltvtalkshow.com

GLOBALHRNEWS was a big hit at the “live” SHRM tradeshows and others across the US and global during that early decade.  We give you free access.  Enjoy.

We LOVE FEEDBACK so be sure to reach-out to me via text/voice (+1) 619 787 3100  (WA ok) or  publisher@globalbusiness.media or https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwinbcohen

Today, GlobalHRnews.com is incorporated within globalbusinessnews.net …and here’s news: I’m launching a 2023 edition to bring better focus on the new/changing needs to better communicate about “leading and coaching and developing people”, not “managing people”.


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