MICHAEL GATES, Vice-Chairman of Richard Lewis Communications. He is an internationally recognised teacher and writer on cross-cultural management, and featured thought-leader / speaker at corporate and government events.

GLOBAL RADIO interviews 2 very experienced “Global HR” professionals; Germany-based Soumen Chowdury and Dubai-based Sandrine Bardot. Key item: As a single-person consultancy my name is my brand; I only have my reputation to sell!

ELIZABETH LIONS, PHR; Author and trainer

Rob Maisel; Live true to your values and the rest will follow

GENERATION MOBILITY platform supports companies making transition abroad smoother for global workforce, raising employee engagement and wellness resulting in increased ROI.

Pastor Kenny Jahng, Easter Across America; helping mission-driven orgs create content with purpose to gain traction & drive engagement with their audiences.

COMPENSATION INSIDER Sandrine Bardot, Dubai-based. We discuss how the digitalisation of HR can help provide an employee experience which is on par with the expectations we all now have as digital consumers.

CHRIS DEBNER: CHALLENGES & DILEMMAS for Talent Mobility Management. BLACK SWAN; massive loss of predictability/control impacting Talent Mobility worldwide. Expectations of the future vary.

DIALOG™ with Washington-based, JEAN ABINADER. Global experienced, ABINADER ADVISORY SERVICES has work experience in over 40 countries providing services ranging from negotiations training and workforce development to the nuts and bolts of integrated marketing and communications strategies. Clients: private sector, governments, NGOs.

CUBEMONK.com; Connected | Automated | Transparent Welcome to the Future of Moving and Relocation