Ann Ellis, CEO and Co-founder of The Mauve Group of Companies

As one of Mauve’s founders, Ann Ellis was the first and only “back-office” employee in the early days, providing services and support to telecoms projects. Today, Ann’s role as CEO is just as energetic and she is profoundly involved in the business at every level. Ann is multi-lingual and enjoys experiencing new cultures as she travels the world expanding the organisation’s infrastructure.

The Mauve Group of Companies came into being in 1996, from an office the size of a small cupboard and a kernel of an idea born out of practicality. At the time of Mauve’s conception, technology was rapidly advancing and as a consequence, business was shifting into a global arena.

With extensive backgrounds in the telecommunications industry, Mauve’s founders knew well the need for remote or mobile workforces. They identified a gap in the market for compliant global payroll, employment and immigration solutions, knowing these would provide organisations and individuals the freedom and opportunity to explore new business territory.

As the organisation expanded its size and reach with a network of strategically positioned local entities, the scope of Mauve Group’s services began to evolve from core employment solutions into the broad bill-of-fare we offer today in more than 60 countries worldwide.

From the smallest requirement to the largest, today the Mauve Group provides expert global knowledge and services to companies across a diverse field of industries, but still retains the inclusive, supportive ethos of its earliest incarnation as the “Company in the Cupboard”.

Elizabeth Karcher, Director Global Mobility and Total Rewards Communications, Discovery, Inc.

Elizabeth Karcher oversees an international human resources team that manages mobility and communicates total rewards benefits.

The mobility team supports a global workforce, structures and administers international assignments, manages immigration and tax compliance, and relocates employees.  The team partners with human resources business partners and  talent management and supports international compensation, benefits, international payroll, secondments, employment contracts, employee health and wellness benefits programs. Her team leads programs and initiatives across multi-jurisdictions with a focus on service and compliance. The communications team creates campaigns and initiatives to communicate total rewards benefits internally to Discovery’s world-wide employee population. Elizabeth’s achievements include recognition both domestically and internationally for her team’s work in HR, mobility and total rewards communications.  Most recently her team was recognized for creating a model to use predicative analytics to measure potential return on investment for human capital.