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How California's GDP exceeds ten select countries


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A Closer Look At California’s Economy

What makes California’s GDP so vast and their economy so powerful?

Relative population is a big factor, as the state is the most populous in the U.S. with roughly 12% of the country’s population calling it home.

But since California’s GDP makes up over 15% of the country’s economic output, there must be something else at work.

One key driver is the technology sector. Not only does Silicon Valley generate massive amounts of technological output, this also translates directly to wealth and economic activity.

Many tech markets follow winner-take-all dynamics, bringing large revenues back to the state. In addition, smaller technology companies are frequently gobbled up by larger competitors, adding wealth back into the mix through M&A.

California’s GDP Compared to Countries

Comedian Trevor Noah once said America is fifty little countries masquerading as one.

From an economic sense, this might carry some truth. When looking at the economic output of each state, especially the largest and wealthiest ones, they often compare to or even exceed the GDPs of entire nations.

To illustrate, this visual from StatsPanda looks at California’s $3.36 trillion GDP using data from The World Bank and compares it to 10 sizable country economies. Let’s take a closer look.

Sizing Up California’s GDP in 2021

California’s $3+ trillion GDP is an enormous figure in its own right, so it’s no surprise that it is larger than certain nations’ economic output.

But even when comparing with economies like MalaysiaColombia, and Finland, all among the top 50 countries by GDP, California stands tall.

Country GDP (2021 USD)
 Malaysia $372B
 Hong Kong $369B
 Vietnam $366B
 Iran $359B
 Pakistan $348B
 Chile $317B
 Colombia $314B
 Finland $297B
 Romania $284B
 Czechia $281B
Total $3.31T
California $3.36T

What’s more, these 10 countries are quite densely populated, with a combined population of 653 million compared to California’s 39 million total.

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