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preparation/planning/participation by the assignee.

“Success comes only after

re-wiring your brain” – Doreen Cumberford

Defining the ROI / VALUE of an international assignment depends on the perspective…

a) employer … depends on the c-suite/stakeholders

b) assignee … are they coached/developed as valuable talent?

c) and, from the diverse and complex service/provider network 


Ken Somers

Will talk about his multiple experiences with repatriation.

  • Initial posting to SIngapore summer of 1995; semi-repatriated winter of 1998
  • Moved to Hong Kong winter 1998
  • Moved to Tokyo winter of  000
  • Back to Hong Kong spring of 2005
  • Back to Tokyo winter  of 2005
  • Official repatriation to US winter of 2009
  • Moved to India winter of 2015
  • Moved to Malaysia summer of 2016
  • Repatriated to US winter of 2017
  • Moved to Poland winter of 2019
  • Repatriated Spring of 2020
Groton, Connecticut

Profile photo of Ken Somers

My practice works with business leaders and their teams to diagnose and solve the challenges of leading people and teams. We’re passionate about delivering “answers for the real world.”

Somers HR Solutions, LLC is an independent consultancy dedicated to helping business leaders and their teams diagnose and solve the challenges of managing people. Managing Partner, Ken Somers, is passionate about delivering “answers for the real world.”

Ken’s career spans more than 40 years as both an HR practitioner and executive leader. In addition to his domestic experiences, he has lived and worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Malaysia. He completed his most recent posting as the interim country head for a major global insurance company’s back-office operation in Poland. Ken’s vast international experience enables him to bring a thoughtful and pragmatic perspective to solving client challenges.

Ken Somers

Doreen Cumberford

Denver & Mexico

Profile photo of Doreen Cumberford Doreen Cumberford book Life in the Camel Lane cover

Global Mobility
Digital Nomads

Part memoir, part primer on learning to lean into the transitions of life led across cultures, Doreen Cumberford’s thoughtful Life in the Camel Lane captures her years in Saudi Arabia against the backdrop of an entire life lived globally.

Doreen invites the reader into the concept of liminal living – embracing the in-between – setting aside an “either/or” perspective for one wholly rooted in the growth mindset of “yes, and.”

It is the lovely, instructive chronicle of one who continues to approach cross-cultural adventures from a place of respectful, curious, lifelong wonder.

 –Linda A. Janssen, The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures

Doreen Cumberford

Stephen McGarry, SCRP

New York City Metropolitan Area

Moving people is the basis of the job and making them happy is what we need to do.”


    • Top 100 Global Mobility Professional
      Vice-Chair, Foundation for Workforce Mobility
      Public Speaker

Sandra Corona

Spouse on an expat assignment in Al Khobar,

Eastern, Saudi Arabia, 9 years … coming to an end in ’24

Profile photo of Sandra Corona ساندرا كورونا

Founder & CEO

Values & Beliefs Empiricist;  Speaker Intercultural ICQ Trainer, Mindset Psychological Safety,  Motivational Drive,  Cognitive Diversit,  Expatriate Coaching,  Neurodiversity, 

Self-development CTI.

Profile photo of Lindy ChapmanLindy Chapman 

Lindy Chapman, REALTOR®

Owner | Director of Relocation


TREC Information

TREC Consumer Notice

Lindy Chapman


I’m a 10x+ relocation client/Expat on a mission to help the Relocation and Real Estate Industries see things from the relocation client’s perspective in order to ensure that not only the cost of services provided match the services received but also are those needed to ensure a successful transition.

I love making connections to essential resources and providing “insider information” as a client-turned-Realtor so companies, individuals and lump sum clients can strategically navigate the challenges, including the evolving real estate industry, and make the essential connections necessary to find ‘Home’ in a new city.

Dale Collins

Transforming operations, expanding global footprint, and driving new revenue streams
Conroe, Texas

Profile photo of Dale Collins

Dale Collins


For the last two plus years I have been pursuing a “bucket-list “ goal that I set nearly forty years ago. It has been my goal to complete my academic studies and earn my PhD. In the autumn of 2020, directly in the headwinds of the COVID-19 pandemic, I enrolled in the Executive PhD program in The Daniels College of Business at The University of Denver.

This academic journey has been exceptionally intriguing during these trying and tumultuous years.

Nonetheless, even at this point in my career, the joy I have received from learning, completing research, and advancing the field of international business has been exhilarating, challenging, and exhausting at times.

I now find myself at this final stage, having completed all the course work and comprehensive final exams, ready to complete my dissertation.
Having spent most of my career in the global mobility industry, and much of that time as an expatriate myself, I have chosen to add to the field of global mobility. More specifically, I am examining how companies that are born-global utilize expatriate assignments to grow and expand their global presence quickly and effectively.

Below is a summary of the research that I am conducting. I am looking for born-global firms to participate that have been founded in 2003 or later.  This is an opportunity for global mobility professionals to participate in a high level research project that will impact the global mobility and global human resource spaces significantly in an innovative and credible manner.

If you are interested in participating in this research project, please contact me at the email address and I will answer any questions and provide additional information for your organization.

I am grateful that you have taken the time to peruse this post in Linked In. If you are a born-global firm, I would love to hear from you and have you participate in the research project.

PhD.  /   Research Questions 

How do key assignment stakeholders in born-global companies define the value of an expatriate international assignment?

How do key stakeholders in born-global companies translate the value of an expatriate international assignment into financial and non-financial return on investment measures?

Defining a Born-Global Firm – Four key aspects define a born-global firm:
1) The firm must be a small-medium size firm possessing a global vision from inception
2) The firm’s products or services should be unique with global market potential
3) The firm must be an independent company and not a subsidiary of a larger organization
4) The firm must have demonstrated the capacity for accelerated internationalization

Born-global firms typically have internationally minded founding entrepreneurs with international experience and a precocity for growing globally. The time period in which a firm is considered “born global” is traditionally between three and five years from inception but may extend longer according to research scholars.

Key Stakeholders for an International Assignment
a) The global human resources, mobility, or talent management professional – functions as the voice of the firm coordinating assignment activity as it relates to all assignment stakeholders and administers the interactions that consist of assignment objectives and program management

b) The international assignee – the individual that accepts the assignment and moves to a new country to execute responsibilities assigned to the individual on behalf of all assignment stakeholders

c) The home manager role – an individual in the home country location that may be the current supervisor of the assignee or has responsibility or accountability for the assignee’s function in the home location

d) The host manager role – an individual in the host country or alternate country location who may be the assignee’s supervisor or has responsibility or accountability for the assignee’s function in the host location

Expectations of Born-Global Firm Internationalization Characteristics
• Born-global firms are likely to possess less formalized international assignment programs, policies, and human resource functionality compared to typical multi-stage growth firms

• Born-global firms are less likely to create stakeholder harmonization of objectives pre-assignment as well as in post-assignment consensus for the assignment

• Born-global firms that execute an ROI strategy for international assignments are likely to do so according to one of the classic categories of position filler, knowledge/culture transfer or professional

PhD.   /   Research Summary
International assignments come with inherent risks and costs and born-global firms are typically resource constrained compared to their multi-stage counterparts, yet their internationalization strategy moves forward using the international assignment as a valuable tool.

This research seeks to find out how these young firms assess assignment value and measure its impact for global expansion and growth at an accelerated pace

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Hello from me in San Diego, California. 

Please join me and others; I invite you to fully participate in a conversation about REPATRIATION and the intersecting stakeholder practices, policies, compliances. 

At the core of it all; the experience of the employee assignee and family, if any.   

Understanding more about MEASURING the VALUE of an INTERNATIONAL ASSIGNMENT / PROJECT … from 3 perspectives; the company, the employee (+family), and the diverse/varied services/providers.

Do ALL 3 parties “win” ?



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