SEP  6


Success comes only after re-wiring your brain” 

  – Doreen Cumberford    (expat, author, coach/mentor)

Defining R-O-I / VALUE

of an international assignment depends on the perspective...

a) employer …

depends on the c-suite/stakeholders

b) assignee …

coached/developed as valuable talent?

c) diverse/complex service-provider network

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Producer, Broadcaster & Moderator

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coaching or mentoring…indeed, talent development, and




by the assignee.

You are cordially invited to


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how your product/brand has actually helped companies achieve,

tell how your product/brand has helped people do better and thrive.

I want to help you.

Reach me via or (+1)619.787.3100

THANK YOU  for your kind consideration.



Kerwin Guillermo

Profile photo of Kerwin Guillermo

Global Head, Global HR Compliance Enablement

Global Head, Employee Mobility

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo

HPE  Singapore

Kerwin’s HR journey spans more than 20 years at leading tech organizations, first at Intel and currently at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

He is a fresh voice, a generous contributor and a positive influence in HR and mobility circles; always focused on and demonstrating leadership through change; identifying possibilities in the midst of challenge; building exceptional and unique partnerships; guiding team members and teams to their best performance and career experiences; and helping others find their success in a range of environments.

His work has given him the opportunity to lead through a range of corporate, organizational, and business transitions that include M&As, spin-offs, start-ups, site closures and global crises.

He’s earned a reputation for developing significant relationships, delivering point-of-need education and executing innovation at a pace faster than market.

He is also adept at discovering new approaches and solutions for attracting, hiring, deploying, engaging and retaining talent.

Kerwin holds a BS in industrial engineering from De La Salle University.

He has provided expertise to Worldwide ERC®, a leading global mobility organization, as a panelist, author and thought leader, and served on the Worldwide ERC® Board of Directors from 2018 to 2020.

In early 2021, he received a “View from the Top” industry accolade from his peers, first with his induction into an elite industry group, the Global Mobility Top 100, and then was further recognized with the group’s ultimate honor: Most Admired Global Mobility Professional in the World.

His contributions to the practice of talent mobility made him the honor of ‘Most Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility’ award from the Forum of Expatriate Management – he is the only two time recipient, having received the award for Americas and APAC.

He writes frequently on talent management issues, career journeys and leadership, and his ingenuity, knowledge and experience are often tapped for HR program collaboration, gracing several global mobility and HR industry gatherings.

He currently serves as Board Advisor for University of Texas-Dallas, Center for Global Business.

Doreen Cumberford

We can sometimes sweep the dark side of expatriation under the carpet, but when we shine the light on it, the process is transformed! Join us today as we shine a light on Repatriation and the life-reset that it can be!

Profile photo of Doreen Cumberford

I work with returning executives, accompanying spouses and families who have completed overseas assignments. I help them recover and debrief from their last overseas experience. Re-entry can be a rough and rocky road, fraught with hidden expectations and tough choices. Many suffer in silence, prolonging and postponing the terrific productive lives they could be enjoying

I solve this!

I help Returnees discover and articulate their next grand vision then take the building block steps towards it. helping them navigate their transition to create their next great adventure. Specifically, I help them move from reminiscing to reinvention.

After living in seven countries over four decades, I have returned several times and to different home countries am intimately familiar with the process and trained as a coach and mentor to support and assist others.

Doreen Cumberford book Life in the Camel Lane cover

I offer:

a) a debriefing and discovery session for individuals;
b) a personal 12 week life-coaching program;
c) a Re-entry MasterMinding group program;
d) customized talks to corporations on international mobility and cultural intelligence

Helping others redefine home, build a new identity, grow a sense of belonging and settle without settling for less is a privilege. Overwhelm, emotion and sense of alienation can frequently accompany moving home from overseas, with coaching, mentoring and strategies.

Specialties: Repatriation, Expatriation, International Relocation, Cultural Transition, Debriefing, , Identity, Health and Wellbeing, Life Balance when reconnecting or relocating.

I administer a Facebook page for Returnees & Repatriates:

Doreen Cumberford

Previewing Image attachmentIleana I. Ferber

Mother | Super Connector
International Development Leader
Policy Advocate | Local Content Expert
PDIA Practitioner
Public Speaker



CEO and founder of Colibri Business Development LLC, a consulting firm focused on helping public and private entities in the energy sector by designing strategies to ensure projects maximize the economic growth of host countries, generate profits, and support the energy transition. 

She had a 24-year career with ExxonMobil before going independent as a consultant.  Ileana joined ExxonMobil (Mobil Oil) in Venezuela in 1998 and spent most of her career in the Global Procurement department, where she gained vast experience in negotiating and executing service contracts for upstream operations in all regions where ExxonMobil has a footprint. She spent two years in Sakhalin, in far East Russia as an expatriate working on challenging contract negotiations and mentoring nationals.

Ileana is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in international development, who serves as a senior consultant and an agent of change by providing advice on industrial policies (specifically, on localization) and economic growth in the energy sector.  Since she was a teenager her drive and passion were to help developing countries overcome poverty and achieve economic prosperity.  Her passion and purpose are to build government capability, create competitive supply markets, and develop the skills of nationals.

Ileana’s comparative advantage relies on her innate talent to build and manage relationships, and her natural ability to connect people, stakeholders, industries, and visions. Throughout her career, her greatest strength has been bringing key stakeholders to the table and building trustworthy relationships.

In the area of diversity and inclusion (D&I), Ileana worked in the past as an advocate for women-owned businesses and for ensuring diversity in the supply chain.  She acted as a liaison between ExxonMobil (Corporate Buyer) and WEConnect International (global NGO) to promote and support the inclusion of women-owned businesses (WBO) in the supply chain.  In addition, she participates in events related to women’s economic empowerment, and mentors women entrepreneurs. 

Ileana believes that all energy projects should include initiatives to increase women’s participation in the energy sector.  To add value to conferences and exhibitions in the energy sector, Ileana organizes and leads the Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) program, an initiative delivered with local resources to mentor and coach WOBs and facilitate access to Buyers to pitch their goods and services.

Ileana has a BA in Languages, a Business major from Universidad Metropolitana (Caracas, Venezuela), and an MBA in International Development from Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona, USA).  She has completed Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability studies from Thunderbird Executive Education and took courses in Energy Policy from Robert Gordon University.  She earned the Executive Certificate in Economic Development from Harvard Kennedy School, after completing three programs: Leading Economic Growth (LEG), Implementing Public Policy (IPP), and Leading Green Growth (LGG). She confesses to being an eternal student and is considering teaching soon.

Ileana was born and raised in Venezuela, where she lived for 27 years, before moving to the United States in 2003. She currently lives in The Woodlands, TX with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs. She enjoys playing tennis and downhill skiing in winter. Her retirement dream is to own and run a dog sanctuary somewhere in Latin America with her husband.

Sue (Kallenbach) Shinomiya

Co-author, Business Passport to Japan: 

An essential guide for anyone doing business in Japan.

Business Passport

Portland, Oregon

Finding-out about culture and business essentials for Japan, as well the latest trends and current events impacting Japan’s business world and beyond. 

Sue Shinomiya works with corporations, organizations, leaders and teams faced with increasingly diverse and multicultural business environments, who need intercultural competencies and inclusive practices that will allow them to build trust, navigate transition, achieve goals and get desired results working across global cultures.

  • Lead workshops deliver executive briefings and webinars develop and instruct course
  • Deliver one-on-one coaching write relevant white papers

Ms. Shinomiya is a consultant, corporate trainer, executive coach, webinar facilitator, and author specializing in global business effectiveness, cultural competency and inclusive leadership for corporations, virtual global teams and individuals.

Her consulting and training work has included nearly ten years in Japan, and six years as an on-site consultant and project manager at Intel Japan.

Her work has taken her to Japan, India, Korea, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Myanmar and Mexico.

She speaks Japanese and has studied Mandarin Chinese.

She has certification in webinar facilitation from Bridge the Distance, Global Virtual Team facilitation, IDI Cultural Assessment, GCI and Global Workforce Diversity.

She is on the Advisory Council to the Board of Directors of SIETAR-USA, and attended the Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication in Portland 11 times.



LaShell Tinder  GPHR, GMS

Global Talent Mobility


Change Management Professional


New Jersey

Over 20 years experience in global mobility, project and change management, business development, training, and HR services.

Credible partner in building relations with colleagues, customers and vendors with a dedicated focus on the client and employee experience.

Demonstrated breadth and depth of experience in assignment management, immigration law, expatriate tax compliance with a particular focus on LATAM, policy development, domestic relocation, career and transition couching & counseling. Knowledgeable in General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Project management experience implementing assignment management system for global operations.

Procurement management and vendor selection experience, both from vendor support services and corporate role.

Thought leader who looks for strategic approaches to achieve results and add value when working with customers, vendor partners, and colleagues.

Developed culturally agility and a global mindset while living abroad and gained fluency in Spanish.

Have “walked the talk” as an accompanying spouse on international assignments, transferring every 2-3 years within Europe and Latin America for 11 years.

Volunteered in a number of capacities including Cub Master of a Cub Scout Pack of 110 culturally diverse scouts and leaders, produced and published 5 school year books, and was deeply involved in expatriate groups to help newcomers with their own assimilation process.

Avid traveler and lifelong learner able to manage ambiguity well.

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  • Skanska in the US

Andrew Elliman


Head, European Business Development AGS Group

AGS Relocation

Owner of Stranger Expeditions

Motivational Speaker and Adventurer

It’s important to remember where you came from throughout your career, as it’s a good reminder of the past, the learning and experience you now have. For me I’ve been in this industry for over 36 years and I’m still learning every day, and I absolutely love the global mobility industry. In my earlier years, I did the actual removals myself and drove the trucks across Europe and had the opportunity to work in New York for a while. I spent 12 years on the road and lost count of the number of removals I carried out.

Back then, we didn’t have sat nav’s or mobile phones, but we were never late and always stayed in contact with the office.

There was no such thing as handyman services, we did it all ourselves, from taking windows out, to lowering sofas off rooftops, to carrying grand pianos down 10 flights of stairs.

I’ve moved everyone from Politicians, Pop & Movie stars to the Royal Family and that’s not including the number of Corporate Executives Worldwide.

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure to work with some of the best people within our industry. Two people who stand out for me and who I admire for their achievements are Alain Taieb and the late Paul Evans.

Both have helped to structure the industry over the years, with the companies they have owned, and it’s been an honor working along side them.

Today, the industry is changing and its all about technology and reports (there’s nothing wrong with this), but please don’t forget about the guys and the girls who still carry out those daily removals, as they are the bloodline of our industry and without them, we would not exist.

There’s a reason it’s called Moving Services, so let’s keep it this way.

#AGSMovers #AGSrelocation #AGSGlobalsolutions #Transeuro #Movers #Removals

Michael Witowski, GMS-T

New York

Profile photo of Michael Witkowski,

Global Mobility & Technology Strategist

AI Enthusiast

Advocate for creating competitive advantage through employee experience and development

Goju-ryu karate black belt

Travel enthusiast



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