Managing international employees w-f-a. MERCER Insights by Marcel Blom, Olivier Meier, and Sabine Rock-Speelman

28 AUG is about Globally Mobile Talent. Leaders will include Angie Weinberger, Zurich-based business consultant, mobility thought-leader, and best-selling author; Geneva-based Pierre Jeronimo, CEO, GR Mobility; India-based Diwakar Gupta; Dubai-based Sandrine Bardot, expert on international rewards; and Dubai-based Rohit Manucha, HRD, CocaCola UAE.

1 SEP, Christian Hoferle – The Culture Guy – has a conversation with GLOBAL’s Ed Cohen; “What do you recommend when communicating in a situation like XYZ?” And further, “How do you interact with people from ABC?”

31 AUG, SWEDEN as a destination; business, culture, lifestyles. A conversation with LENA EKDAL, Stockholm

11 AUG, LAUREN HERRING, Impact Group ceo, and author, Take Control of Your Job Search!, is interviewed on GLOBALTV TALK about “Your people are your most important asset.”

5 AUG; Tokyo/Japan Business & Culture & Lifestyles. Pictured here, BEN WADA, representing IAS, International AutoSource. Also, JOHN SCHULDT, IAS Director-Global Business Development. Rob Maisel,1-time Japan xpat, and also Katheryn Gronauer, Japan-based owner, THRIVE TOKYO.