Rohit Manucha , SHRM-SCP
Rohit Manucha , SHRM-SCP• 1stChief Human Resources Officer
Acquiring & managing great #talent is not an accident, rather it is a carefully curated process involving a number of critical components like an employer #brand, an organization #culture, collaborative team-work across functions and of course a world class Talent Acquisition team (in house or otherwise).

Similarly, an inefficient TA approach can have devastating effects within an organization for a considerable time to come and LinkedIn posts/ stories have exposed the dark underbelly of the same.

One such issue is the quality of the #interview which ranges from low validity/ reliability questioning right up the the focus which is not such much in ‘selecting’ as it is on ‘rejecting’ candidates

I wrote a short verse depicting the problem most organizations have at hand…

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Rohit Manucha, Talent Acquisition