Lunch- October 9    (11 – 1:30)

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Marine Auraghi

Global Mobility Specialist 

Global Mobility Specialist with expertise in global immigration, international tax, expat compensation and benefits, relocation assistance, employment law and social security regulations. 

Marine has experience in partnering with cross functional teams and leaders, managing vendors, creating and rolling out mobility policies, implementing and monitoring new processes, including development of tools and technology.

Catalina Mayorga

HROps & Immigration (Workday Team)


I love to help others and interact with people. I have lived all range of experience in law and global mobility.

From setting up small startup ground to 60+ employees to process thousands of relocations and visas for a large corporation with only a team of two.

Doing so, I helped to set the compliance frameworks and processes.

I love to optimize and find scalability in what I do, ensuring that customer satisfaction is always first.

Because as a mobility person, I understand how nerve wrecking must be to move all your family from one continent to another -as I lived it myself!

Attention HR:

Speak-up about your X.

Are you finding a GAP?

“Can digitalization of HR keep pace with assignee expectations of having 24/7 access to info via mobile / self-service?”

“New Gen thinks (a) their career should be portable / fluid; (b) a long-term assignment has no clear goal; (c) that frequent and short-term assignments / projects would provide more opportunity, potentially faster career progress.”

“…New Gen early adopters of new trends / ways of working … will eventually impact all workers.”


You are invited to SPEAK-UP throughout
the program because that’s how it works. 

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SAN FRANCISCO and SILICON VALLEY:  Advising corporate and individual clients on United States immigration issues, best practices, and corporate compliance; and, all matters related to Immigrant Visas, Non-Immigrant Visas and EB-5 investor visas. 

CONTACT (858) 205-3542

and now a brief word about CONTINUOUS LEARNING


LinkedIn Top Voice

“If I assume that my experience of the last 25 years is what’s going to help me be successful in the next few, I’m wrong! 

Let me tell you! That experience is becoming less and less worthy. 

What’s important is how are we learning the new things we need to get capable and get ahead of the changes coming…