MICHAEL GATES, Vice-Chairman of Richard Lewis Communications. He is an internationally recognised teacher and writer on cross-cultural management, and featured thought-leader / speaker at corporate and government events.

GLOBAL RADIO interviews 2 very experienced “Global HR” professionals; Germany-based Soumen Chowdury and Dubai-based Sandrine Bardot. Key item: As a single-person consultancy my name is my brand; I only have my reputation to sell!

2020 buzzwords about today’s talent mobility management presented by MERCER Munich-based Olivier Meier

CDC Guideline announced; workplace

Post-crisis talent redeployment. Gap Analysis. Insight written by Olivier Meir, Mercer in Munich, Germany

GLOBALTVtalkshows in Meeting Room™

JOSH SCHACHNOW, CEO @ Visto.ai – The free platform that helps international students and skilled workers navigate Canadian immigration.

FITBIT Global Head of Talent @ Fitbit … Building a high performance culture that wins through inclusion, engagement & retention

ELIZABETH LIONS, PHR; Author and trainer

Rob Maisel; Live true to your values and the rest will follow