CHICAGO, October 2

2:30 – 5:15 +reception offsite

Presented at KPMG, 200 E Randolph #5500, Chicago 60601

Pre-registration; no walk-ins. REGISTER online $150 but Group Rate avail.

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Bring official ID/Drivers License; tight security. Bring Business card.

Please arrive suite 5500 (KPMG) 2:20 if possible. Thanks for understanding.


2:30, CHECK-IN

2:45,   Moderator intros all delegates

+ cosponsor SUITE HOME CHICAGO (Matt Tobel)

3,  KPMG’s Robert Smith
NextGen global mobility tech (e.g. Blockchain, RPA, AI, etc)

3:35,  Data Standards Global Moving & Mobility industry; HHG/Freight Blockchain

Ray daSilva, President, Mobility Exchange, LLC | Director-Learning Development, IAM Learning

4:05,  A Mover’s story
Jim Weiss, VP, Johnson United

4:15, Employment Law/People

Manuel Cuevas-Trisan; CHRO x-Motorola

4:45, Workforce Multi-Gen Feedback/Employee Communications

Angela Lane, VP Global Talent, ABBVIE

5:15, Finish  adjourn to an offsite reception

Closing keynote: Book talk


ANGELA LANE, co-Author

 “As organizations must tackle more hot-button social issues every day, leaders are at greater risk than ever of saying too little.

This is a problem, because feedback has never mattered more.”

“Employees around the world are deprived of honest objective feedback and the higher you go in the organization, the less feedback you are going to get.

Researchers confirmed that the less face time employees have with their managers, the more impact seeking and receiving feedback will have on their performance.

Co-Authors Gorbatov and Lane propose a simple, systematic approach to giving fair and honest feedback in ways that improve performance while engaging and developing employees.”

Vice-President Global Talent

Delivering Talent By Equipping Leaders With Practical Tools For Success. Talent & Development is all about driving performance.

My team manage the practices and processes that drive individual, team and organizational performance. Through Talent Management, Leadership and Development, Executive Development, Talent Acquisition, Talent Insights and HR Communications, we create solutions that enable business leaders to Raise the Bar on performance and deliver goals. When it comes to talent, my goal is to “Deliver More, Better, Now!”




Manuel Cuevas-Trisán, Former Chief Human Resources Officer and Corporate Vice President, Employment Law and Data Protection, Motorola Solutions, Inc. During his 21-year tenure at Motorola, Manuel spearheaded the launch of “People First,” an award-winning platform to enhance the capabilities of 1,500-plus people leaders.

Succession Plan in Motion

According to Manuel Cuevas-Trisán, one of the most important factors in successful succession planning is having buy-in from top leadership. “You can’t cascade-up with this idea, so leadership has to recognize the benefits,” he points out. Other executives and managers have to take a very mature and unselfish look at their own careers and think beyond the current quarter’s or year’s performance. “It can feel counter-intuitive, but you actually become more successful by creating a talent bench,” he says. “You have to reframe the conversation to be more about governance and resiliency than feeling threatened about identifying a potential replacement.”  (source: interview published in Hispanic Executive magazine)

Balancing legal v people/HR responsibilities

In one case, after the prolonged illness and subsequent death of a long-term and highly respected employee, a third-party vendor mistakenly provided incorrect information to the widow about eligibility for supplemental insurance benefits.  “We had legal grounds either to deny the benefit or to press the vendor to assume the full financial responsibility for covering its mistake, but I over-rode my lawyerly inclination to ‘win’ the issue and, instead, worked out an arrangement that was suitable to everyone involved,” he says. “It was more important to do the right thing.”

Ask new questions

Ed Cohen, Developer & Moderator

Global Business Editor,

Broadcast Host,

Opening keynote 

NextGen global mobility technology TODAY

(e.g. Blockchain, RPA, AI, etc)


KPMG Senior Manager:

Global Mobility Services -Technology

Robert’s career has been spent working alongside companies to develop and implement mobility management technology and cost projection solutions for both U.S. and non-U.S. corporations.

Most recently, he has been heavily involved in KPMG’s focus on advancing technologies for automation of the global mobility function, and improving the employee experience.  

As ” global” as KPMG’s Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice; Robert has worked 4 continents, traveled to nearly 25 countries.

During his time spent living in Berlin, Robert obtained a deep understanding of the needs of both European employees and employers related specifically to mobility technology.

He brings a true “global lens” to KPMG’s mobility management technology and the next generation of mobility technology.


Global Moving

& Mobility Industry



Ray daSilva

President, Mobility Exchange, LLC 

Director-Learning Development, IAM Learning

A strategic consulting and technology company focused on serving the moving, relocation and mobility services industry.

BLOCKCHAIN  Wikipedia   is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography.  Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data.   By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data.


Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss

  Vice President Client Solutions

Johnson United San Diego

johnson storage moving united van lines agent

Specialties: Domestic & International Employee Relocation; Special Commodities Transportation; Commercial Facilities Moving; Hospitality Logistics; Warehousing. LinkedIn .  
For 30+ years Jim guided highly successful service delivery to corporate accounts in the global markets of Dallas/Fort Worth, Sydney, Chicago, New York, prior to settling in San Diego this Summer.  Today he’s busy reshaping his branch of Johnson United into a dynamic hub for international movement between the US, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim.  Jim is also involved in his local community, working with a local nonprofit to create Youth Employment Programs to help homeless youth transition from the streets to society.

Matthew Tobel

Leading & developing sales & marketing at SUITE HOME. Also Vice President -Wisconsin Employment Relocation Council, a CCHP accredited member of the Corporate Housing Providers Association, and a volunteer on the Membership Committee of the Chicago Business Travel Association.  

A word from  


LinkedIn Top Voice

“If I assume that my experience of the last 25 years is what’s going to help me be successful in the next few, I’m wrong! 

Let me tell you! That experience is becoming less and less worthy.  

What’s important is how are we learning the new things we need to get capable and get ahead of the changes we’re seeing around us.

learn, prepare for the closing keynote by Angela Lane

TUNE-INTO click my conversation with ANGELA LANE on

For a few delightful minutes, we talked about the new book on performance management, employee engagement, branding; FAIR TALK, how it happened, why it happened, and what it hopes to achieve. 

Enjoy the conversation.

Attention HR:

Speak-up about your X.

Are you finding gaps?

Can digitalization of HR keep pace with assignee expectations of having 24/7 access to info via mobile/self-service?

New Gen thinks (a) their career should be portable / fluid; (b) a long-term assignment has no clear goal; (c) that frequent and short-term assignments/projects would provide more opportunity, potentially faster career progress.”

“New Gen are early adopters of new trends and ways of working that will eventually impact all workers.”