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Hello, the world is welcomed. GLOBAL is covering the growing story of DUTY 2 CARE: How companies and their leaders are now, or will be, taking care of employees +family in these VUCA / COVID times, and also, how company leaders are now or will be helping their communities. Info will be published in the NEWSROOM’s GLOBAL PR magazine, discussed on, and broadcast worldwide on GLOBALTVnetwork. .

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Technology inspired by your needs and great ideas!

AiresMobilityX℠ – Technology inpsired by your needs and great ideas!

Posted by Aires on Monday, July 8, 2019

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN-  August 3rd 2020 we interviewed David Hall, a Venture Capital guy now heavily involved with AR, VR and emerging tech for small business, especially for Doctors worldwide.

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Globally mobile talent

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Meet the people:

Priyamvada, based in India, is the Head of HELMA International’s Global Partnership division. LinkedIn ttps://  She has spent over a decade problem-solving mobility challenges, and is actively part of the firm’s Outbound services & quality management division. She also conducts cross-cultural training for colleagues, clients and global providers on Indian culture.

Stuti’s BioStuti has worked as in-house HR Manager as well as HR Consultant. She is an independent consultant, she helps small and mid-size companies redesign their people strategies. A while ago, she got introduced to Design Thinking, and its application in HR, and it has become her new passion. She hosts HR Hackathon in LA, which gives HR folk a taste of using design thinking in a real life challenge. LinkedIn:  Stuti: