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Home Essentials has acquired the production capacity of a mattress factory in Ukraine to expand manufacturing capability to provide its own brand of quality mattresses to refugees displaced by the war.

Infographic showing the falling cost of shipping on major routes

infographic showing the largest container shipping companies

Author STEVEN HOWARD discusses


 not managing people




What have you learned from ’22? 


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Dianne Devitt

California GDP world’s #4

Global Business requires Talent Masterminds

2023 Clear-thinking by

Olivier Meier, Mercer

Mobility is not just about relocation management and needs to be discussed in the context of the talent management cycle – including selection and long-term career management.

Mobility supports a company’s efforts to tap into new talent pools and helps with workforce reskilling.

Geographical mobility (expatriation) and lateral moves (cross-functional) should be better integrated to foster highly skilled “hybrid” talent.”

10 Commandments

for the

Global Talent Mobility Industry

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“Be intentional about goodwill towards people from different cultures or countries; 

be truthful, be in the present.  Being polite is always beneficial; it can build bridges and round the edges.”

– Irma Vartanian Balian,
Founder of ProtocolWise



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Dr. David Weiss  brings C L E A R  coaching method

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Dr. Nora Gold

Dr. Nora Gold

Writer; Publisher & Editor of literary journal Jewish Fiction .net. Author of three books.

Praised by Alice Munro. Winner of two Canadian Jewish Book/Literary Awards.

Former professor of Social Work. Community activist.

Getting criticized is sometimes unavoidable at work (and in life); the question is how to react when this happens.  This thoughtful infographic illustrates 9 different reactions to criticism.
We can:
Ask why,
Attack back,
Make a pre-emptive strike,
Be sad,
or Learn.

It’s obvious which of these are most desirable, but it’s not always easy to react in these ways to criticism.

How do you, and the people where you work (or live), usually react when criticized?

How might we learn to respond more often with a growth mindset?

And what is needed to create a culture at work where criticism is approached (by both the giver and the receiver) in a positive, useful way?

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Rachel Cruz
Rachel CruzMcLean & Company | Helping HR Leaders and Teams to Thrive in the Workplace 

Five Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age

Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta, CNN medical correspondent and author of the book “Keep Sharp: Building a Better Brain at Any Age “argues that making healthy lifestyle choices can stave off cognitive decline at any age.

Move more

“When people ask Sanjay Gupta what’s the single most important thing they can do to enhance their brain’s function and resiliency to disease, he answers with one word “exercise”

Get enough sleep
“Sleeping well is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your brain functions, as well as your ability to learn and remember new knowledge,”

Learn, discover, and find purpose
While puzzles may not be the answer to cognitive decline, we do need to stimulate our brains with learning and discovery

Eat well
“What’s good for the heart is good for the brain,”

Connect with others
Having close relationships with others you can count on is important to a happy, healthy life, and may help you live longer. It’s important for brain health, too!

Acknowledgments: Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta and highlights from an article by Jill Suttie – link below
InfographicSource from ThePresentPsychologist and post by David McLean, MA (Leadership) CHRL

#wellbeing #wellness #neuroscience #healthybrain