London GlobalHRconference hosted May9 by HSBC, Canary Wharf

 Andrew + Kulvinder + Ed created GlobalHRconference for May 9th at HSBC HQ, Canary Wharf – London:

The day focused on globally mobile talent with three sessions providing for a insightful agenda.

Key topics included:

• Creating a culture for resilience
• Measuring value of assignments a 360 perspective
• Personal brand strategies
• Banking preparation with a global view

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HSBC executives speak about their new, expanded suite of services/products.

Keynoter Chris Exline talks with Ukraine-based kids who are receiving new mattresses from the charity    Rest Assured Logo

Kulvinder Singh Shokar
Business Development Manager – International Propositions – Indian Diaspora Lead at HSBC Wealth & Personal Banking.

It was wonderful to host Ed Cohen’s first in-person event since the pandemic started, in collaboration with Andrew Elliman at our HQ in Canary Wharf on Tuesday, May 9th.

Thank you to all the speakers and guests for making it possible.

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Claire Barrie, executive with SYNERGY Global Housing, speaks to “Customer Services”

Nigel Passingham of AGS and Rene Webster of Mobilitas

seriously discuss the future of Mobility Management

Philip Berry’s expertise on display advising the audience to “take 5 steps to take charge of their professional lives”…

Closing keynoter was STEVEN HOWARD, author of 22 books on Leadership, is also creator of

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Talent Mobility

by   Olivier Meier, Mercer

Mobility is not just about relocation management and needs to be discussed in the context of the talent management cycle – including selection and long-term career management.

Mobility supports a company’s efforts to tap into new talent pools and helps with workforce reskilling.

Geographical mobility (expatriation) and lateral moves (cross-functional) should be better integrated to foster highly skilled “hybrid” talent.” click

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This infographic visualizes the 100 trillion global economy by country GDP

Infographic highlighting the largest trading partners of the U.S.

Dr. David Weiss 

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Dr. Nora Gold

Writer; Publisher & Editor of literary journal Jewish Fiction .net. Author of three books.

Praised by Alice Munro. Winner of two Canadian Jewish Book/Literary Awards.

Former professor of Social Work. Community activist.

Getting criticized is sometimes unavoidable at work (and in life); the question is how to react when this happens.  This thoughtful infographic illustrates 9 different reactions to criticism.
We can:
Ask why,
Attack back,
Make a pre-emptive strike,
Be sad,
or Learn.

It’s obvious which of these are most desirable, but it’s not always easy to react in these ways to criticism.

How do you, and the people where you work (or live), usually react when criticized?

How might we learn to respond more often with a growth mindset?

And what is needed to create a culture at work where criticism is approached (by both the giver and the receiver) in a positive, useful way?