3 AUG live from Taipei, Taiwan; an interview with DAVID A HALL, expert in emerging tech and applications for small business, especially important to doctors worldwide.

26 AUG, we discuss “Positive Conflict Resolution”, authored by Melinda Stallings. How to Take any Situation from Breakdown to Breakthrough in 8 Simple Steps.


17 July, Yvonne Quahe, Managing Change, World Bank Family Network – WBG

AUG 6; CANADA BOUND GlobalHR Business teleconference; “live” 5pm eastern

TERESA HOWE- Average is Everywhere …but… Being average is no longer an option in a time of heightened expectations and uncertainty.

COVID and D & I

SHIV-AWN McHALE; I read a recent post where a head of People & Culture was changing the name of the function back to HR – because she did not want to be seen as responsible for workplace culture.