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Talent assessment tools, like PXT Select, have become a powerful ally to best-in-class companies! Here are some statistics on how companies benefited from talent assessment tools:

✅ According to research conducted by the Aberdeen Group, organizations implementing pre-hire screenings observe a reduction of 39% in turnover rates.

✅ Companies that utilize pre-hire assessments have a 24% higher probability of having employees surpass performance objectives.

✅ 74% of companies that incorporate talent assessments state that they experience increased competitiveness in attracting and retaining top talent compared to companies that do not utilize assessments.

✅ The likelihood of identifying and developing high-potential employees is 56% higher for organizations that employ talent assessments.

✅ Companies that fail to employ talent assessments encounter a 50% greater average cost per hire as a result of high turnover rates and low productivity.

✅ Organizations that utilize talent assessments attain a 39% enhanced precision in forecasting candidate job performance.

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