Managing international employees w-f-a. MERCER Insights by Marcel Blom, Olivier Meier, and Sabine Rock-Speelman

28 AUG is about Globally Mobile Talent. Leaders will include Angie Weinberger, Zurich-based business consultant, mobility thought-leader, and best-selling author; Geneva-based Pierre Jeronimo, CEO, GR Mobility; India-based Diwakar Gupta; Dubai-based Sandrine Bardot, expert on international rewards; and Dubai-based Rohit Manucha, HRD, CocaCola UAE.

1 SEP, Christian Hoferle – The Culture Guy – has a conversation with GLOBAL’s Ed Cohen; “What do you recommend when communicating in a situation like XYZ?” And further, “How do you interact with people from ABC?”

31 AUG, SWEDEN as a destination; business, culture, lifestyles. A conversation with LENA EKDAL, Stockholm