1 October, GlobalTVnetwork™ presents ANGIE WEINBERGER, Zurich

30 Sep on GlobalTVnetwork, GENIUS INNOVATIONS & STRATEGY despite Black Swan events

RETRO-RELO! Buy local, save money, get better service

WORKPLACE: Mental Wellness

Dianne Devitt peaks on MEETINGS / MEDIA PLANNING on the GlobalTVnetwork™ Oct 7

GlobalTVtalkshow OCT 6’20 presents FIONA MOUGENOT, EXPAT PARTNERS, Paris 15

21 OCT’20; It’s about feedback! Why? WOMEN AREN’T ADVANCING

Global Talent Brokering by Olivier Meier, Mercer (Munich)

GlobalTVtalkshow Oct 9th 8am Pacific, presents MICHAEL GATES

5 October, GlobalTVnetwork™ presents Media Training with Robyn Hatcher