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“Latin America’s trade relationships offer a fascinating insight

into its economic patterns and potential growth avenues.”


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Latin America’s trade relationships offer a fascinating insight into its economic patterns and potential growth avenues.

Full story:

With over $1T worth of goods and services exchanged in 2021 between Latin America and two of the world’s largest economies – China and the US – it’s clear that the region is deeply interconnected with global trade.

Pivotal to this exchange are partnerships like the one between China and Brazil, driven by commodities, and US and Mexico, fortified through substantial North American economic integration.

Surprisingly, Germany – Europe’s industrial powerhouse with just 80M people – saw two-way trade with Latin America reach nearly $60B in 2021.

This figure almost doubles the total bilateral figure between Latin America and the continent of Africa, which houses over 1.2B people.

Intra-regional trade within Latin America topped over $165B in 2021.

Strengthening these commercial links between major economies such as Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, is vital for the region’s long-term growth and development, paving the way for better jobs, opportunities, and increased political integration.

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Latin American trade, China versus U.S.

Charted: Walmart Owns Most of the Supermarkets in Mexico

Steven Howard  

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Patricia Maria Neia Tavares

São Paulo, Brazil

Patricia Maria Neia TavaresCountry Director @ K2 Corporate Mobility,

Brazil Talks Latam Talks.

Global Mobility is my passion!

Mentor for women at IVG

Patricia Maria Neia Tavares

Learn always, share my knowledge and grow with the Global Mobility community is my purpose at this time in life!

20+ years of experience in Human Resource operations, Expat Management, Global Mobility, Talent and Career development, Talent retention, Project Management, Internal Control and People Risk administration.

Delivery oriented, I am always seeking the best results for the company, but never forgetting employee experience and the importance of human touch!

Decision taking, conflict resolution, people relationship and coaching are some of my other strong skills.

Self motivated and always looking for new challenges and growth.

Rita  Hernandez

Miami metro/Weston

Our Beginnings

PremierDS was founded in Miami, US in 2001. Initially launched with just eight countries and thirteen team members in early 2012, we experienced rapid growth. Within the first four years, PremierDS expanded to encompass five corporate entities, four regional offices, 27 countries of coverage, and over 100 team members. Our growth trajectory continued in 2015, with the addition of our Immigration Solutions division, which solidified our position as a leading provider of Immigration & Relocation Services for our Partners & Clients.

Today, we dominate the region with coverage in 33 countries and over 300 team members dedicated to delivering Service Excellence.

Adriana Fuentes

Directora de Cuentas Marketing-Publicidad- RRPP

Autora de: When Strong Women Speak, Strong Women Listeníaz

Mexico City

15 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising mainly with Premium brands from several sectors, such as: automotive, consumer, financial and beauty care.

Specialist in generating creative strategies and innovative advertising and communication campaigns, as well as loyalty programs and products to create leading brands.

Expert in the management of important accounts in Mexico and Latin America, as well as regional adaptations.

Capable of creating and maintaining strong and productive associations with clients.

High capacity to manage comprehensive strategies ranging from market studies and testing including the handling of means of communication, events and public relations.

Winner of international awards such as Cannes, Ojo de Iberoamérica and D&AD.

Jorge Flores  GMS-T

Global Mobility | Business Development | Immigration Lawyer

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