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Katarzyna Bis


(Barbara) Zajac

Aptitude Software

VP People & Culture / Technology

Human Relations / People & Culture / Data driven HR
Wroclaw Metro

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(Katarzyna) Bis

People & Culture Enthusiast | Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Believer

Aptitude Software

Wroclaw Metro

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Aptitude Software 

At Aptitude we love complexity.

Every business is made up of millions of little details that make them different from anyone else on the planet. Finding the joy in this complexity can be the difference between the mundane and the magnificent – which is why we commit to getting to know every single business we work with inside and out.

Immersing ourselves in the intricacies of finance digitalization, subscription management, compliance, and revenue management gives us the power to make a real impact. Once we understand how an organization works, we can implement solutions that provide the clarity, confidence, and control they need to drive growth and achieve their ambitions.

Creating a successful business is never simple. They’re built on a wonderful foundation of complexity and ingenuity. Therefore, the more complex your business is, the more ingenious our solutions can be. We thrive on this complexity — using it to create new opportunities, strengthen businesses and unlock their potential. And we love it.

Aptitude: We make the complex beautiful.

Although coaching and/or mentoring business leaders and HR professionals is my primary focus, I also:
• Am available for fractional HR leadership roles;
• Deliver career transition guidance; and
• Develop employee and leadership communications material

Ken’s career spans more than 40 years as an HR practitioner and executive leader. In addition to his domestic experiences, he has lived and worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Malaysia. He recently completed his most recent assignment as the interim country head for an insurance company’s back office operation in Poland. Ken’s vast international experience enables him to bring a multicultural and multigenerational perspective to solving client challenges. Ken’s network enables him to tap into subject matter expertise on almost any people management challenge – nearly anywhere on the planet.

Contact Ken at to explore how he can help your HR and business leaders create greater value for your organization. His mobile is +1 508-507-1207.

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