Siobhán (Shiv-awn) McHale

Culture Transformer | Author “The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change
EGM People, Culture & Change at DuluxGroup, Australia
Thinkers50 Radar 2020

I read a recent post where a head of People & Culture was changing the name of the function back to HR – because she did not want to be seen as responsible for workplace culture.

In my view the post missed the key issue, which is not so much the ‘naming’ of the function but the framing of the different parts of the organisation when it comes to culture change.

The distinct roles that different parts play during culture change is seldom articulated or understood.

HR enables the change with advice, tools, systems and processes.

The BOARD oversees how the culture is meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders.

The CEO takes up the role of enterprise-wide change leader.

The EXECUTIVE TEAM (collectively and individually) lead the change across the organisation.

MANAGERS (at all levels) lead the change in their parts of the business.

EMPLOYEES bring the desired culture to life every day at work.

Perhaps the real work is to create a shared and aligned view of the roles that the parts play during culture change – rather than the simple technical “fix” of renaming a function?

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