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TECH and DIGITAL … accelerating towards you and me, so we should get-it-together and learn more, correct? I’m inviting you to learn AUG 3 6pm California; I talk with former Bostonian and Harvard alum, David Hall, now Taipei-based expert in ‘design thinking’ about it all. So therefore, I’m inviting you to hoist a glass and tune-in AUG 3 @6pm California, 9pm New York; 9am in Taipei Taiwan. Indeed.

1st-look as it applies to the medical profession. “TAMP Inc. CEO David A. Hall, “The Fourth-Culture Doctor, is a doctor that is part artist, engineer, technologist, scientist, entrepreneur, and has a mindset of flow, synarchy, collaboration, is limitless/trusting, holistic/fluid, like valued, and practices recombination/synthesis continuously”.
Learn more here https://buff.ly/311BHXZ.

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