What we do

Generation Mobility is an innovative platform business that serves the Employer/Employee and mental health professional (Thrive Abroad Expert).

Our expertise is based on the experience and challenges of global professionals committed to thriving abroad personally and professionally.

Generation Mobility helps to make the experience as positive as possible, with the outcome of a happy and engaged employee that can focus 100% on the job at hand and deliver above expectations.

Contact: Alicia Partee, CEO
E: alicia@genm.global

T:+47  991 67 217

Generation Mobility has a platform that supports companies in making transition abroad smoother for their global workforce, raising employee engagement and wellness resulting in an increase in ROI.

Our technology predicts difficulties and provides solutions for your employees and their family members to ensure growth while maximizing profitability.

Generation Mobility started in 2019 with an idea to bring support to people that are placed in overseas assignments.

Employees who take on a new position are often excited about the prospects of exploring their newfound environment, and this could involve family relocation.

They move from a familiar environment to an unfamiliar environment that includes cultural differences, new food, places, language and more.

The founders of Generation Mobility have all been a part of this moving abroad experience and have seen first hand the challenges and hardships that come with adapting into a new country and culture.

Their passion is to make this easier transition and thrive personally and professionally, no matter where they are in the world.

Generation Mobility is developing products and services that leverage technology that will enhance the emotional well-being of people. This will allow employers to provide a digital, global companion to their employees and their family members while abroad.

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