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  • Certified Cross-Cultural Consultant
  • GM Specialist
  • Global Travel Coach & Blogger
  • Language Expert
  • Growth Mindset 

Robert Maisel, MBA


Director-Global Business Development, (IAS)
International AutoSource  

John leads the team responsible for the
overall planning, implementation and management of programs designed to
generate business, and grow markets both domestically and internationally.

John had a  30-plus year career at Ford Motor Company, he was responsible
for both sales and marketing roles in the US and Asia.

John is a previous President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AMCHAM), and the
Executive Director of the Thunderbird Independent Alumni Association (TIAA).

As a career expatriate John brings extensive first hand knowledge
of both global talent mobility and international assignments.


 Business Development Manager for Japan

Ben Wada has over 30 years of experience in developing relationships between Japanese and American corporations.  He has consulted American corporations in the culture and business manner of the Japanese culture.  

Ben has advised American corporations on how to better reach and communicate with Japanese corporations in order to establish better investor relations.  

He has developed relationships with major Japanese corporations such as Mitsubishi International, Sony, and Toyota Motors.  

Ben has always believed that in order to create a good and productive business relationship, one must bridge the two cultures by educating and advising management


A very highly developed free market economy

#3 largest in the world by nominal GDP

#4 by purchasing power parity (PPP)

#2 largest developed economy.

#2 foreign-exchange reserves worth $1.3 trillion. Most Beautiful Prefectures in Japan: Japanese People Rank Their ...


 Helping high-level professionals understand Japanese work culture

& how to live in Japan

Executive Trainer & Coach

Vice Chair of ACCJ Sales Committee

Within 23 wards, Tokyo, Japan

Thrive Tokyo logo

I help high-level professionals understand Japanese business culture through training and coaching programs. I know how much you want to succeed with your career during your time in Japan and how challenging it can be to get there when you have barriers in process flows and communication styles.

My clients have gone from feeling “in the dark” and “frustrated” about work processes, expectations, efficiency, and communication, to feeling “empowered to solve issues knowing where they come from and “comfortable and empathetic”.

I’ve helped them through training programs and coaching where we analyze a series of emotional drivers in how they came about and how they impact the workplace. We also cover case studies, dialogues, and modules to help you see how to recognize situations when they happen.

More about me:

I’m a graduate of Sophia University with a degree in International Business & Culture, an ATD Trainer and ATD Change Management Facilitator, and an IIN wellness coach. I was raised between Japan and America with firsthand sensitivity to the cultural differences and challenges that new expats encounter every day in Japan.

Thrive Tokyo has been named “One of Tokyo’s hotspots to satisfy anyone” by Eurobiz Magazine. My work and accomplishments have been featured in JapanToday, JapanTimes, HuffPost, Mobility Magazine, Mindbodygreen, Women’s Health, Savvy Tokyo, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, The Everygirl, Thought Catalog, and Elite Daily.

Moreover, I’ve been a guest public speaker at the US Embassy, Toyo University, FEW Japan, Roppongi Cooperative, recruitment companies, tech companies, and more.

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