…expert on RESILIENCE-training.

She co-wrote the book, ROAR.

Sandy was our recent GLOBAL RADIO TALK  guest conversation

Publisher’s memo:

PAUL FALCONE, best-selling author, L.A.-based Entertainment industry executive, Chief Human Resource Officer, believes LEADERS can justify the changes your business must enforce during this time while also respecting the sacrifices your employees might have to make. 

In fact, this period coming-up will be the greatest opportunity for engagement / feedback and for better-defining the company “brand and culture and the purpose”.

It will be a team exercise as we all partner together to take care of family, friends, coworkers, customers, and the key stakeholders in our lives and careers. 

In short, heroes are “born” in turbulent times, and this is now our chance to shine, both as individuals and as an organization.

Publisher’s memo: Learn more about PAUL FALCONE by tuning-into my conversation with him