Sandy Asch is a TEDx Speaker, best-selling author, global consultant and woman of influence award winner.

Her book, ROAR, was named by INC magazine as one of the best business books written by a woman.

Over the past 20 years, through keynote presentations and workshops, 40,000+ leaders in 50 countries and 6 languages have implemented Sandy’s ideas to embrace change, manage work-life balance and be more resilient – to ROAR with purpose and passion. 



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a close up of text on a white backgroundHow are you using your talents and gifts to give more?

We’re all experiencing fear and uncertainty no matter where we live, what we do or how educated we are. But, no matter your current situation, what will set you apart is how you respond to the current circumstances.

This is a beautiful opportunity to use more of your talent, skill and creativity – be more for others than for yourself.

When you do, it feels incredible!

How are you using your talents and gifts to give more?

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Sandy Asch“I’m priming 3x a day to keep myself sane!”

Priming is an awesome way to calm down your central nervous system when you’re emotionally drained or short-fused.

Taking time to meditate, pray, or go for a walk, you’re giving yourself a chance to calm the body, let go of stress, and re-ground yourself before, during, and/or after the day.

Check out Sandy’s advice on this topic and let us know how you are priming yourself for success during these unique times.

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