Elena Mosko, CEO of Globiana Concierge

 Elena Mosko, Founder and CEO of Globiana Concierge is Ed’s special guest in this episode. Globiana Concierge is an adaptation support platform focused on the needs of the expat spouse. The services include On-demand Personal Adviser Support, Live Translation, Cross-cultural Training, Adaptation Support, Career and Personal Development Support, country and local-community specific information and access to private on-line community. All from one easy-to-use dashboard. Visit http://globiana.com for details and to request a guided tour of the platform.

Elena Mosko was born in Moscow, Russia (then the Soviet Union) in 1964 in a family of a government official and a publishing house editor. Even though she did not try to paint as a child, she believes her way to emerging as an artist was predetermined by the great works of art she was exposed to her entire childhood.

“We were lucky to grow up around world famous art museums. In Moscow, art is always at your fingertips.  It is bound to “rub off”. I also remember spending hours admiring prints in my mother’s extensive art library. I guess, it had to come out in some form, even if later in life…”

Mosko is an untrained artist and started painting initially under the guidance of a renowned landscape master Stefan Baumann. Oil painting was her way to reflect and meditate on the sights she encountered in her travels.  The hobby quickly turned into passion and produced a number of works now finding their way into homes and businesses in the US and Europe alike.

A Russian native, now calling Northern California her home, finds inspiration for her landscapes in the ever changing moods of nature: “My hope while creating is to share with the viewer the amazing harmony only nature knows.  Just may be, I can bring you a step closer to it…”

The other favorite subject, as she describes it,  are “…the old stones of Europe.  Painting those sights is simply the effort to capture my memories and more importantly the energy those places carry.  South of France medieval towns and Scotland castles are definitely among the favorites. I am thrilled that my audience can see and share my passion.”

Artistic creations by Mosko have helped support a variety of causes.  They were auctioned off to raise funds for educational programs, cancer research, children’s classical music programs, San Francisco Zen Center, local Home and School clubs and other charities.

In the recent years her artistic insight combined with business and marketing background found a new application as she served on the Board of Directors for the Arts Council Silicon Valley.

Mosko resides in Los Gatos and Tahoe with her husband and three sons.

Member of Los Gatos Art Association
Member of Pacific Art League