Dennis Veit

Ed’s guest today is Dennis Veit. Dennis Consults and teaches Leadership at the University of Texas, Arlington

DENNIS C. VEIT completed thirty-six years providing Senior level Leadership expertise to Fortune 100 companies. During that time he served as Senior Human Resource Executive for over thirty years, and Senior Account Manager for five years. His experience spans all disciplines of Human Resources serving as Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Senior Manager of Recruiting and Staffing, Vice President of Compensation and Benefits, Vice President of Employee Relations, and Senior Vice President of Training/ Development.

During the past decade, Dennis was instrumental in coaching corporate executives in Leadership responsibilities, succession & manpower planning programs, and ensuring HR practices and principles aligned with Corporate Strategic Goals. In addition, he conducted presentation seminars and workshops for managers, within his organizations as well as for national and local organizations. He has taught both Management and Business courses at the Community College level and Senior College level and was instrumental in developing the HR curriculum for a local College.

His certifications and degrees include a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior from Texas Christian University, a BBA in Finance from Texas Christian University, and Associates Degrees in Business and Banking/Finance from Tarrant County Community College. He received his Professional Human Resources certification, (PHR) from SHRM and his Certified Relocation Professional certification from the Employee Relocation Council. In addition, he received his Certified Master Trainer certification in Training and Development from Development Dimensions International while receiving his Senior Trainer Certificates from Zenger Miller International, Learning International, Blessing and White, as well as Acclivus Corporation.

Dennis is an active member of SHRM national, Dallas and Fort Worth SHRM Chapters and he has served on the Board of Directors for the Tarrant County Chapter and was Past President of the Fort Worth Human Resource Chapter.

Liz DiMarco

Liz DiMarco, Author and Branding Consultant is Ed’s special guest. How can you be a part of the DARE-Force®? Listen and find out.

Liz will discuss the emerging factors that women and men over 40 are facing in the workplace, in their personal lives and in their communities, considering the economy and the fact that most boomers, especially, are not living their grandparents’ dream retirement scheme. Her book contains a 12-point system for people over 40. As a college professor, Liz teaches Marketing as well as Consumer Behavior and Professional Development/Personal Branding, to professionals of all ages.

Women Over 40 – Get DARE from Here!™

The DARE-Force® Corporation is an educational resource company for visionary, intelligent, motivated women over 40 who want to pursue and develop new and fulfilling ventures in their personal lives, careers, and communities. We provide you with ideas, insights and tools to identify, isolate and articulate your key goals and objectives; sevelop a strategic plan that maximizes your strengths and opportunities; ramp up the resources to achieve your goals; and create, articulate and implement your own “call to action” – one that embraces and expresses your experience and expertise as you pursue your new mission.

The DARE-Force Corporation network includes: management consultants, executive coaches, business advisors, and other experts. We responsibly, respectfully, and expertly consult with visionary, intelligent, motivated women over 40 to help them fulfill their mission and vision. Our resources, services, and products for women over 40 include:

  • Get-DARE-From-Here™ – Group Workshops
  • Breathe-Some-Fresh-DARE™ – One-to-one in-person or phone consultation
  • DARE-There™ – E-mail consultation, from us to your in-box.
  • The DARE-Port™ – Our newsletter, featuring timely and topical articles, tips, opinions, and inspiration for women over 40.

E-mail us to learn more about our services, including our First-Class DARE-Fare™ Package:

Jim McComb

LIVE SHOW featuring Jim McComb, Margot Wetzel and Susan Musich

When Great Minds Come Together

Today’s first-ever LIVE presentation of Global HR Talk Radio features Jim McComb, Margot Wetzel, and Susan Musich.

First to call-in today was Jim McComb; a man who truly shapes the Future. Among America’s foremost professional strategic planners and futurists for over 25 years, he has taught senior management teams worldwide how to leverage the past and anticipate the future to unearth the Undiscovered Opportunities that lie at “The Next Level.” To read more about Jim McComb, click here to download his bio.

MARGOT WETZEL of Expedia joins Ed just after the break discussing her role in making Global Mobility possible for Expedia and it’s subsidiaries, as Expedia’s companies move into more countries. To read and hear more about Margot, click here.

SUSAN MUSICH returns after a long absence from the Global HR Talk Radio microphones. Based in Washington D.C., Susan is Executive Director & Founder of

Global HR Business

What’s in Store for Global HR Business, Talk Radio and Conferences this Summer and Fall? Find out!

Imaad Mafooz

Imaad Mafooz of Chronos Consulting shares his secrets for improving business in the areas of Human Capital, Global, Virtual and Cross-functional Team-building and Shared Services Implementation.

Imaad Mahfooz is the Managing Principal of Chronos Consulting an organization focused on significantly improving client’s business results in the areas of Human Capital (HR restructuring, downsizing, global talent optimization), Global, Virtual and Cross-functional Team-building and Shared Services Implementation, especially in conjunction with SAP & Oracle ERP projects. Chronos Consulting helps small, mid and large size organizations increase productivity, lower costs and boost profits. Imaad has worked in management positions for global blue-chip companies and consultancies and has extensive experience in managing virtual, cross-functional and multicultural global teams on complex Business/IT projects. He has published several articles and White Papers on areas of expertise, including global and virtual team building, HR restructuring/transformation and customer service improvement and is also a sought-after speaker on these topics. Mr. Mahfooz can be reached at:

Albert Goodman

Albert Goodman tells us how to greatly improve employee morale and productivity through his R.O.R (Return On Productivity) Program.

Albert Goodman is President of Albert James Associates, a firm whose primary focus is in the area of facilitating human growth and maximizing individual potential in the work place. Al Goodman has over 25 years of global corporate experience working for companies where he’s developed an expertise and passion for maximizing human resource development. He’s now taken his collective experiences, lessons learned and best practices and created an innovative methodology called ROR-Return On Recognition. The ROR web-based program represents a breakthrough in coaching that can help make a significant difference in employee’s engagement and performance that results in more value by ensuring predictable business outcomes are met.

Albert James Associates, LLC is the sole owner of the ROR – Return On Recognition® Program. The business’ primary focus is in the area of facilitating human growth and maximizing individual potential in the workplace. Al Goodman has over 25 years of Corporate experience working for global companies with an expertise in Human Resource Development. His partner, Karen Goodman, has a background in Management, Education and as an entrepreneur.

The ROR – Return On Recognition® Program is designed to provide a positive focus and structure for improving employee performance. The program will enhance ongoing feedback in an honest and positive fashion with a focus on accelerated higher performance. This process utilizes a web based management tool for continual reinforcement and enhanced communication between the employee and manager. The intent of the program is help the employee focus on their potential for achieving higher performance on a mutually agreed upon factor by the manager and employee.

Julie Bauke

Julie Bauke, a “CCO”, Career Consulting Officer; and author of “Stop Peeing On Your Shoes” meets with host Ed Cohen today.

Corey Jahnke

Corey Jahnke, a registered Pharmacist, wrote “You’re Not Here On Rehearsal” to help people get “unstuck” and achieve their dreams.

From Corey’s Bio:

My name is Corey Jahnke. I have been a Registered Pharmacist for almost 22 years. I have made my career not about treating patients, but rather about establishing relationships with people. Over the years I have talked to several hundred thousand “friends” and heard millions of wonderful ideas. I have talked to people who could buy and sell my whole neighborhood as well as people who have struggled to figure out the mysteries of life and death. I have always been fascinated with the concept of “success” and what makes some people more successful than others. In my search to learn the key answers to life’s most valuable questions I have read hundreds of books and articles, and listened to thousands of hours of personal development audio books developed by some of the worlds most successful people. As a result of discovering and following the ideas taught to me in person or in published materials, life has been very good to me. As a result of my good fortune I have determined that it is my major definite purpose to share those ideas with as many people as humanly possible.

I wrote my book and my website to help people figure out how to get “unstuck” in life. Many people have developed learned helplessness and are not sure where to turn. It is my intention to get them moving in the right direction and then get them connected with further developmental materials and people who can help them. I have entered a training program to become a John Maxwell certified speaker/trainer/success coach which completes in late August. For the remainder of 2011 it is my intention to develop speaking opportunities and add to my list of coaching clients so as to add value to people individually as well as on a large scale.

Margot Wetzel

Margot Wetzel designs and implements Global Service Delivery Strategy for international assignees (expats) and relocation for Expedia, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

John Smith

John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions for “Talent Management” software designer CRG emPerform.

What is CRG’s “emPerform”?
In three words…Employee Performance Management!

Companies invest a good portion of their time and money attracting and developing top talent. As the economic climate shifts and industries become more competitive, companies are shining a spotlight on their Human Resources Department and more emphasis is being placed on efficiently and effectively managing employee performance to ensure that the right people are focused on the right tasks that will enable to the organization to reach its objectives.

HR professionals are re-thinking traditional processes and searching for solutions that are easy- to-use, all-inclusive, and most importantly have proven results.

Managing performance is one of the most critical activities within organizations. If managed properly, it can lead to business results, while an inadequate one will have a negative effect on productivity.

emPerform is a complete, all-in-one employee performance management solution. Everything needed to complete an evaluation is included. emPerform maximizes employee appraisal reviews by automating the process and assisting the user.