Corey Jahnke

Corey Jahnke, a registered Pharmacist, wrote “You’re Not Here On Rehearsal” to help people get “unstuck” and achieve their dreams.

From Corey’s Bio:

My name is Corey Jahnke. I have been a Registered Pharmacist for almost 22 years. I have made my career not about treating patients, but rather about establishing relationships with people. Over the years I have talked to several hundred thousand “friends” and heard millions of wonderful ideas. I have talked to people who could buy and sell my whole neighborhood as well as people who have struggled to figure out the mysteries of life and death. I have always been fascinated with the concept of “success” and what makes some people more successful than others. In my search to learn the key answers to life’s most valuable questions I have read hundreds of books and articles, and listened to thousands of hours of personal development audio books developed by some of the worlds most successful people. As a result of discovering and following the ideas taught to me in person or in published materials, life has been very good to me. As a result of my good fortune I have determined that it is my major definite purpose to share those ideas with as many people as humanly possible.

I wrote my book and my website to help people figure out how to get “unstuck” in life. Many people have developed learned helplessness and are not sure where to turn. It is my intention to get them moving in the right direction and then get them connected with further developmental materials and people who can help them. I have entered a training program to become a John Maxwell certified speaker/trainer/success coach which completes in late August. For the remainder of 2011 it is my intention to develop speaking opportunities and add to my list of coaching clients so as to add value to people individually as well as on a large scale.