Jim McComb

LIVE SHOW featuring Jim McComb, Margot Wetzel and Susan Musich

When Great Minds Come Together

Today’s first-ever LIVE presentation of Global HR Talk Radio features Jim McComb, Margot Wetzel, and Susan Musich.

First to call-in today was Jim McComb; a man who truly shapes the Future. Among America’s foremost professional strategic planners and futurists for over 25 years, he has taught senior management teams worldwide how to leverage the past and anticipate the future to unearth the Undiscovered Opportunities that lie at “The Next Level.” To read more about Jim McComb, click here to download his bio.

MARGOT WETZEL of Expedia joins Ed just after the break discussing her role in making Global Mobility possible for Expedia and it’s subsidiaries, as Expedia’s companies move into more countries. To read and hear more about Margot, click here.

SUSAN MUSICH returns after a long absence from the Global HR Talk Radio microphones. Based in Washington D.C., Susan is Executive Director & Founder of PassportCareer.com.