May 9, 2023

Global Business Talent Conference  

Andrew Elliman + Kulvinder Singh Shokar + Ed … top leaders of the international conference presented in-person + virtual at HSBC HQ, Canary Wharf – London.


Creating a Culture for RESILIENCE and WELL-BEING

to better engage and communicate clearer to better enable increased productivity in Workplaces

 office / hybrid / on assignment / remote

Measuring Value of Talent Mobility Assignments Today;

360 Perspectives …corporate, assignee, provider industry

The day focused on globally mobile talent with three sessions providing for a insightful agenda.  Key topics included:

• Creating a culture for resilience
• Measuring value of assignments a 360 perspective
• Personal brand strategies
• Banking preparation with a global view

Host & Facilitator

HSBC logo

8 Canada Square, Level 34, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HQ

Our purpose

Opening up a world of opportunity – explains why we exist.HSBC Building London.jpg

We’re here to use our unique expertise, capabilities, breadth and perspectives to open up new kinds of opportunity for our customers.

We’re bringing together the people, ideas and capital that nurture progress and growth, helping to create a better world for our customers, our people, our investors, our communities and the planet we all share.

HSBC executives speak about their new, expanded suite

of services/products for top tier talent within global companies.

Business Development Manager – International Propositions – Indian Diaspora Lead at HSBC Wealth & Personal Banking.

It was wonderful to host Ed Cohen’s first in-person event since the pandemic started, in collaboration with Andrew Elliman at our HQ in Canary Wharf on Tuesday, May 9th.

Thank you to all the speakers and guests for making it possible.

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Andrew Elliman

Head, European Business Development-AGS Group

Owner – Stranger Expeditions,

Motivational Speaker and Adventure

Energetic  & Creative Planning Needed Today

AGS Relocation



The AGS Philosophy is simple: to design corporate relocation services revolving around our customers.

The AGS Relocation company provides a wide range of global mobility services to multinational organisations with expert international relocation services, tailored to meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Philip Berry 


Too many people approach career development as the job of the corporation and they don’t take joint responsibility for managing their career in a manner that is strategic.

Taking Charge

5 Personal Brand Strategies to enhance your career growth, ongoing development

 (virtual from Florida)

Sandra Corona

EXPAT Saudi Arabia from KSA)        

“Why the Expat Experience Needs More Attention

and Why the Expat Partner is Crucial for Wellbeing”



Global People Transitions   



“I‘m on a mission to help high performing global people get over trauma and live a happier life. Can I be your Coach; bring psychological safety.”

  (virtual from Zurich)

James Perrott

Counsel and European Head

Mobility and Migration Practice 

Providing immigration advice to a range of clients including companies, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

Mayer Brown logo

Liz Espín Stern

Measuring the Value of Talent Mobility Assignments Today

perspectives; corporate, assignee, provider industry

Michael Piker

Total Rewards / DEI Director 

               (virtual from Dublin) 

Natalie Forest, PhD

Workplace Mental Health



(virtual from Hamburg)

Annalieza Landa

the Values Differentiator   

  (virtual from Hull England)


  Closing Keynote      (virtual from Mexico City)



author of 22 books on Leadership 

Creator of Humony Leadership click/learn 

Biggest Voices in Leadership 2023 | Mentoring Good Managers Into Great Leaders

Global Leadership Skills Development | Leadership Coach  

Steven Howard is the award-winning author of 22 leadership, business, and professional development books.

His latest book, Humony Leadership: Mindsets, Skills, and Behaviors for Being a Successful People-Centric Leader, was published in August 2022. In awarding the book a Gold Medal, the Nonfiction Authors Association called Humony Leadership “a significant work with an important mission.”

Steven was named one of the 2023 Top 200 Global Biggest Voices in Leadership by the LeadersHum network in recognition of his thought-provoking and leading-edge thinking on leadership.

Humony is a word created by Steven comprising Human, Humanity, and Harmony to emphasize the leading of people and the need for leaders to create workplaces of wellbeing and harmony.

He is also the co-author of Strong Women Speak on Leadership, Success, and Living Well.

Howard is well-known and recognized for his truly international and multicultural perspective, having lived in the USA for over 30 years, in Singapore for 21 years, and in Australia for 12 years. He currently resides in Southern California and Mexico City.


Rene Webster


Group Director / Global Mobility

 Nigel Passingham

AGS Global Solutions, 

Head, Relocation/Corporate Business UK

AGS Relocation


  1. With the fast pace of change in Global Mobility how has your company had to adapt its service offering?
  2. What key areas are you seeing your clients focus on and has that altered the way in which you work?
  3. How has your company balanced the need for regional / global engagements with offering local “in country” support?

Claire Barrie 

GMS,  Executive Vice-President, Global Sales and Marketing

Synergy Global Housing

Customer Services

Corporate Banking Perspective

Katerina Fagetti, GMS       

Senior Global Mobility Manager at LGT Private Banking. Certified Global Mobility Expert (International HR) with extended and deep experience on the market and within the field.

well-being of assignees   -investing sufficient time for preparation phase

-assignment package including intercultural training, language training, look-and-see trip, spousal support 

-individual approach during the preparation phase 

-involvement of the spouse to all assignment related communications (but compensation) 

-regular catch-up with assignee 

-extended promotion of International SOS

(virtual from Zurich)

Mike Hibberd
Director, Global Expat Pay
“Driving strategic value through better use of your data”.

Yvonne Quahe

World Bank Family Network

World Bank Group, Washington

Trainer, Facilitator, Coach and Author of Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours?
  (virtual from Washington)

James Moss

  (virtual from New York)

Tech Mobility Creator   

Ukraine: Rest Assured Logo

Chris Exline‘s  Personalized Human Story click/learn:

Why it matters…

Chris Exline is Founder & CEO (click)

a multinational company

and (click)


Ukraine’s  spirit  &  bravery  against  seemingly  unassailable  odds  inspires  the  world. Click this 

Special thanks to the Mayor’s office & City Council for urging us to deliver mattresses to an elderly center in the historic village of Ploske. A village etched into history for the battles in WWII, the heroes of Ukraine’s culture are forever etched into our corporate culture – never again will they be forgotten.  The images of today are too profound to share them all – the honor of meeting a veteran of WWII who fought to liberate Ukraine could not process doing so again – another asking if I could help her find her family – a woman who wit

h the touch of my hand started crying pleading “I just want to go home” I have not cried in 20 years. Today I did. I just sat there in silence seeking peace and intervention. They are refugees as much as the children, and as much as this nation.

The war is real – the pain is real. And as tectonic as today was, they were filled with hope. ALL of them dream of a free Ukraine. In full disclosure, one of the women told me her dream was to have an American husband – and she even proposed!


To support not only refugees but also wider communities, we ensure that mattresses are locally made and sourced. Home Essentials secured and is adding many jobs by acquiring the production capacity of an existing factory in Kremenets, Ternopil in Ukraine. Our artisans craft and create each mattress every day with pride.


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