"Leadership is For Everyone" with author, Vinay Nadig

Vinay Nadig developed the principles and systems around Leadership IS for Everyone – a set of daily leadership behaviors during his 20+ years as a consultant, entrepreneur and a business unit head.  Vinay started in the manufacturing sector.  As a process and sales engineer he built a solid foundation of systems thinking. Adding an MBA from Texas A&M to his qualifications, Vinay has since concentrated on the systems and processes that “get things done.”  Along the way, he has consulted with several large Fortune 500 organizations in the healthcare, retail, technology and airline sectors and delivered multi-million dollar initiatives.  He has also worked for mid-size global consulting organizations, helping them launch strategic business units.<

In all of his experience, Vinay has focused on the set of behaviors within oneself – that can actually result in enabling others to succeed – a system that he lays out in great detail in this book.

Vinay emigrated from India to the USA, on Jan 1st 1990.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mysore, India and an MBA from Texas A & M University, Texas, USA.  Vinay lives with his wife and two children in the Dallas, TX area.