Strategically Planning Your Workforce with i4CP’s Senior VP, Research, Jay Jamrog

Jay Jamrog is a futurist. As SVP of Research for i4cp, he has devoted the past 25 years to identifying and analyzing the major issues and trends affecting the management of people in organizations. Currently, Jay and his staff follow demographic, social, economic, technological, political, legal and management trends across 50+ broad topics.

Beyond Uber: Driving the Evolution of Work is i4CP’s latest research report, focusing on the changing workplace.

i4CP is seen by many as the largest and fastest growing network focused on high performance.

i4cp discovers the people practices that drive high performance. Years of research make it clear that top companies approach their workforces differently. At i4cp, we work with our network of organizations to:

  • Reveal what high-performance organizations are doing differently
  • Identify best and next practices for all levels of management
  • Provide the resources to show how workforce improvements have bottom-line impact
i4cp not only provides great value but focuses on what’s most important in today’s economy – the core areas that define high performance. That’s a combination that’s hard to beat.
Wayne Wagner, HR Strategist,
U.S. Department of the Navy

Through our exclusive, vendor-free network – in which peers collaborate to drive strategic research and share tools and insights – i4cp provides a unique, practical view of how human capital practices drive high-performance.