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? Rachel Smets ?     

? Rachel Smets ?

Create Your Freedom Lifestyle. 

TEDx speaker, Mentor

Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA)

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? Who is Rachel?
◾️ Life + Career Coach
◾️ Cross-Cultural trainer
◾️ You Tuber @RachelSmets
◾️ International Speaker (WEF, ALL, TEDx)
◾️ Living around the world
◾️ Bestselling Author of ‘Living Abroad Successfully” & ”Awaken Your Confidence”
◾️ University Lecturer
◾️ Multi-linguist
◾️ Online course creator

? WHAT I do:

◾️ Dedicated to move you from feeling STUCK to CLARITY + CONFIDENCE + CREATE YOUR NEXT STEP

◾️ As a trainer in cultural diversity and integration, I help people to understand their surroundings and build their confidence level to achieve their dreams and goal and become the person they want to be

◾️ Living/working abroad for 15+ years has broadened my mind, my understanding in cultures, communications, and enriched my life .
Speaking 6 languages serve greatly when connecting Internationally.

◾️ As a speaker, I help people in reaching their dreams in life to become the person they want to be.

◾️As a teacher, I inspire students globally to develop themselves in international business

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