“Global Mobility can play a key and strategic role in the overall Talent strategy of the organization.”

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“Topia provides a unified global mobility management suite to move and manage your global talent. We provide the tools, services, and data that help you effectively leverage mobile talent—wherever and whenever your business needs them most.”

“We break down barriers between people and places so companies and individuals can work everywhere.

In today’s increasingly interconnected global economy, Topia is the partner that can help you simplify mobility and navigate the complexities inherent to a worldwide mobile workforce. Our goal is to provide you with the automated tools and data necessary to make smart strategic decisions across the relocation landscape.”


“Today, enterprises are faced with the reality of a global economy, where countries are connected by the internet and transcend traditional borders.

The complementary searches for talent and opportunities do not stop at state or national borders, and this is where mobile recruiting constraints, including cost, complexity, compliance, and cultural issues, come into play.

Global Mobility Management (GMM) is an emerging category that covers the overall business process of people movement.

Today, the process of moving people around is manual, time consuming, and highly frustrating to people being moved.

Global Mobility Management platforms help automate and digitize what has historically been a manual and non- automated process.

The ability to make faster, evidence- based mobility management decisions will provide a competitive advantage for early adopters of GMM platforms.

Discover how Global Mobility Management platforms are changing the future of work.”