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London Faculty 3 Oct 22

Dr Simon T Bailey

James Moss launches UK & European “Pay-As-You-Go” mobile relocation services.

For independent, corporate + Covid-19 vaccine relocations.

BREXIT moves/hubs to EU+CH. Smart, safe and affordable, mobile relocation for all.

Andrew Elliman

World Adventurer – Communicator

Head of European Business Development

The AGS Philosophy is simple: to design corporate relocation services revolving around our customers. AGS provides a wide range of global mobility services to multinational organisations with expert international relocation services, tailored to meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

AGS Relocation

Owner of Stranger Expeditions; Adventurer

Motivational Speaker

Birgit Lundgren

Clinical Director, Mental Health Services- UK

Profile photo of Birgit Lundgren

My professional background is linked to Psychology, Counselling, Coaching and Training & Education in different settings. I am a Qualified Psychologist (Cand.Psych.), educated in Denmark, I have obtained a MA from The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation, London and a Diploma in Individual and Group Supervision, The Grove, London.

I currently hold the position as Clinical Director at The Validium Group, this involves ongoing development and implementation of Clinical Guidelines and Standards, Clinical Governance and Audit of our internal procedures. Ongoing Audits of our Counselling Team to ensure Clinical excellence by a constant drive for high quality of the delivery of clinical assessments, clinical training and development across our Clinical Teams.

I am Member of BPS (The British Psychological Society), BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and DP (Danish Psychologist Society).

In Denmark I worked with and within large organizations, as Consultant and Psychologist with focus on Staff and Organizational development, Coaching and Leadership Training.

Discussion:  “Covid, financial challenges, economic recession, war, political divisiveness, and more must have impacted our mental health. How has all that impacted folks in the UK and how has that changed your practice?”  

Yvonne Quahe

Profile photo of Yvonne Quahe

Trainer, Facilitator, Coach  click

Author; Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours?

Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours

Addresses the Dual Career Dilemma with CARE

A gift to couples who want to think generatively, productively and deliberately about their future careers together

– Samantha Rockey – Associate Fellow, SAID Business School, Oxford University.


PikerMichael Piker - Expatise Academy

Global DE&I and Reward Director

Flutter Entertainment Plc

Deborah E. McGee

CPA, President and CEO

PZI International

Global Human Capital Solutions Corporation

PZI is unique as it is a One-Stop Shop for small or medium size Global organizations. 

Having the expertise and abilities in one place for International Compensation, Benefits, Talent Globalization, Relocation, Taxation, Immigration, Payroll, Employment Solutions and Talent Development makes PZI your first stop to manage complex situations in more than 150 countries around the globe.

our favorite CHARITY

fights Parkinson’s, Alzheimers

The Foundation Institute for Neurological Diseases dba Find Neuro Help, is a 501©(3) nonprofit private foundation, founded in 2014 in Irvine, California. Public Filings:   prides itself on being transparent with the public and our donors. Learn more about our public filings / financial information HERE. Federal tax ID # 86-1913526.

The Perimeter of Hope


The Perimeter of Hope is focused on addressing the practical needs of patients and families that have been impacted by a chronic neurological disease (CND). 

At its center are the patient and their family. 

The perimeter is comprised of solutions and services that are the most exigent but are often neglected or overlooked. 

Left unattended, they can pose a significant risk to the peace of mind and stability of the CND patient and their family.

From revenues, and and provide the charity  ongoing PR consulting, marketing assist, speaking roles and business intros, creating positive PR awareness across the business community. Working together, developed MedicalTVtalkshows  click, watch it.   MedicalTVtalkshow  is a series presenting doctors and research scientists, foundation leaders, and authors.

If you are interested to donate or simply learn more, or if you know someone who might be “in need” and interested, I’m avail to quickly introduce you to the charity’s Director/coFounder, Mark Colo, a current Parkinson’s patient.

FYI, for several years Mark was a successful transport exec based in Southern California specializing in relocating Doctors/research scientists from across the world into University of California Irvine, a top medical center.

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