Dr. Nora Gold

Dr. Nora Gold
Publisher & Editor of literary journal, Jewish Fiction .net
Author of three books.
Praised by Alice Munro.
Winner of two Canadian Jewish Book/Literary Awards.
Former professor of Social Work.

Community activist.


Because of how often power is abused, some people think of it as intrinsically negative, but of course power is neither good nor bad; it depends on how it is conceptualized and applied.

This insightful infographic illustrates two contrasting approaches to power: “Power Over” vs. “Power With.”

Leaders who operate from a “Power Over” perspective generate fear, undermine and blame others, prey on the vulnerable, hoard their power, and are divisive.

In contrast, leaders with a “Power With” approach create safe spaces, involve empathy as a connector, operate in a way that is based on trust, transparency, respect, and common sense, and understand “the power of giving away power.”

What has been your experience with these two types of power?

And how might you help your organization embrace, or lean toward, a “Power With” approach?

build courage in the workplace

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Grant Drmaj, MEd
Grant Drmaj, MEd
Learning & Development | Talent Management | DEI | Dog Dad

Creating a positive work culture takes courageous leaders who are willing to do the work to create trust and nurture psychological safety.

Simple acts like admitting when you are wrong (or out of your depth) and fostering smart risk-taking will help build courage in your workplace.

What else have you seen that is a great way to build courage in the workplace?

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