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Many clients purchase the book to reinforce these most important issues and as a compliment to Nadine’s presentations.

The book is also a great resource for training, in observation of October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month, or for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd.

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Education and technology are the two great equalizers in life, leveling the playing field for everyone, especially the disabled. DIVE IN provides…

John Chambers,
Chairman and CEO, Cisco

At KPMG, we are committed to an inclusive culture that supports diversity and values the perspectives and experiences of all our people, including, as Dive In points out…

John B. Veihmeyer,

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Scholarships to College Students with Disabilities

by Springboard Foundation


This project’s goal is to provide scholarships to contribute to the increase in employment opportunities for college students with disabilities. This project will provide 8 general scholarships to full-time college students who have documented disabilities of any type. The qualified student must be a full-time student currently attending a four-year college or university during the year. In addition, must have already completed 24-credits and a GPA 3.0 or above.


The mission of this Foundation is to provide scholarships to college students who have documented disabilities. Approximately 11% of college freshman last year were such students. Since society has still not caught up with the realization that people with disabilities can and do go to college though typically with many more constraints than the typical college student, scholarships of this nature do not exist.


This project will help corporations and organizations to become more aware of the opportunities to hire outstanding academically college students with disabilities to work in their company’s professional positions.

Long-Term Impact

With the “silver tsunami” of an aging workforce, corporations are looking for new sources for talent. This segment of the population is growing at a huge rate and will provide a tremendous talent pool as long as they have the education required.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file (projdoc.pdf).


The first 10 college scholarship recipients