Medical Science/Research bound4 the new space station (developing)

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CHARITY … fight Parkinson’s, Alzheimers …

Go to   (registered IRS 5013c).

We provide the charity ongoing PR/Marketing assist, from all proceeds we create positive PR awareness across the business community for the charity by providing frequent media exposure 24/7/365, intros and speaking on talkshows.

Working together, we developed MedicalTVtalkshows™ watch it  ; it’s a series presenting doctors and research scientists, foundation leaders, and authors.

If interested, or if you know someone who might be “in need” and interested, I can introduce you to the charity’s Director/coFounder, Mark Colo, a current Parkinson’s patient. For several years Mark was a successful transport exec based in Southern California.

Mark specialized in relocating Doctors/research scientists from the world around into University of California Irvine, a top medical center.  specializes in developing 1:1 interviews, perfect for brand=building thru intelligent dialog. You receive “media prep”, coaching, for your comfort and convenience. We beleive in content collaboration, too.  It’s a true win/win.  Get a quote from Ed today, email him and request info…  or text (+1) 619.787.3100