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The business environment was changing before Covid, but now these changes are happening at warp speed.

We are in the throes of a pivotal moment, facing the greatest transformation in how we work since the early days of word processing and the desktop computer (the so-called Information Revolution).

Managing people is a 1980s construct. It is why people leave bosses, not organizations. It is no longer acceptable or relevant in today’s world.

Simply stated: work is not working for many people.

Work and the workplace, along with the behaviors, actions, and attitudes of many leaders, have alienated millions of people.

Award-winning author Steven Howard advocates a better approach – Humony Leadership.

Humony is a created word comprising human, humanity, and harmony to emphasize the leading of people and the need for leaders to create workplaces of wellbeing and harmony.

There is no Old Reality to return to.

The role of a leader is no longer to be a task overseer and a reporter of results.

Rather, the leader’s role today – at every level of every organization – is to be a people performance coach.

To be successful, leaders must become people-centric.

One lesson from the pandemic: people want greater human connection.

Leaders need to excel at the human connection aspect of leadership.

Leaders need to unlearn management and relearn to be human.

And, leaders must develop mindsets enabling them to confront and handle uncertainty and ambiguity.

The key is to stop treating employees as only a means to an end.

This mindset is contributing to millions of people worldwide quitting their jobs and seeking new employment with organizations that value them as human beings.

There has been a fundamental change in what people value.

Work is no longer the most important thing that defines a large portion of the workforce.

Working harder and longer is no longer worth sacrificing health, harmony, personal relationships, and nonwork responsibilities.

Humony Leadership provides you with the mindsets, skills, behaviors, and actions that will make you a great people-centric leader.

Your first-line and mid-level leaders are struggling to execute corporate strategies, with many lacking skills in employee motivation, giving actionable and relevant feedback, effective delegation, and knowing how to demonstrate leadership in workplace wellness, resilience, adaptability, and inclusiveness.

Mentoring Good Managers into Great Leaders

Trusted Advisor to Leaders and Managers

Are you a good manager who aspires to be a great leader?

Passionate about your leadership development and wellbeing?

Want to learn proven and tips to help you become a great leader?

As an award-winning skills author of 21 books with 40 years of international senior sales & marketing experience, my specialty is providing Leadership Development via online learning programs, 1:1 coaching, books, and my YouTube channel.

WHAT I DO: I turn good managers into GREAT LEADERS using development workshops and coaching services by bringing the best practices of Fortune 500 leadership training programs without Fortune 500 costs. Clients include: Citicorp, Covidien, DBS Bank, Deutsche Bank, DuPont Lycra, ExxonMobil, Gilead, GSK Pharmaceuticals, HP, Micron, Merck, Motorola, Skadden Arps, & more since 1996.

WHY IT WORKS: Having trained and coached over 10,000 leaders in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, Mexico, and the Persian Gulf, I bring a unique mixture of cross-cultural experience and knowledge into my leadership coaching, education, and training programs.

NEW PRODUCT: 8-part online learning and education program for new leaders, supervisors & managers. Includes 24 months of group coaching, two bonus videos, and other benefits. See for details.


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★ What Makes Me Different ★

I am passionate about leadership development. That’s why I named my company Caliente Leadership. Caliente in Spanish means “hot.” But it also means “passionate.” It’s also why I only coach and work with people who are passionate about developing themselves.

★ Expertise ★

Leadership Skills Development and Training, Cross-Cultural Communications, Leading Remotely, Turning Conflict Into Collaboration, Better Decision Making: Shifting from Mind Full to Mindful Leadership

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our favorite CHARITY

fights Parkinson’s, Alzheimers

The Foundation Institute for Neurological Diseases dba Find Neuro Help, is a 501©(3) nonprofit private foundation, founded in 2014 in Irvine, California. Public Filings:   prides itself on being transparent with the public and our donors. Learn more about our public filings / financial information HERE. Federal tax ID # 86-1913526.

The Perimeter of Hope


The Perimeter of Hope is focused on addressing the practical needs of patients and families that have been impacted by a chronic neurological disease (CND). 

At its center are the patient and their family. 

The perimeter is comprised of solutions and services that are the most exigent but are often neglected or overlooked. 

Left unattended, they can pose a significant risk to the peace of mind and stability of the CND patient and their family.

From revenues, and and provide the charity  ongoing PR consulting, marketing assist, speaking roles and business intros, creating positive PR awareness across the business community. Working together, developed MedicalTVtalkshows  click, watch it.   MedicalTVtalkshow  is a series presenting doctors and research scientists, foundation leaders, and authors.

If you are interested to donate or simply learn more, or if you know someone who might be “in need” and interested, I’m avail to quickly introduce you to the charity’s Director/coFounder, Mark Colo, a current Parkinson’s patient.

FYI, for several years Mark was a successful transport exec based in Southern California specializing in relocating Doctors/research scientists from across the world into University of California Irvine, a top medical center.

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