Hampton Dowling, MBA PMP Managing Partner

Hampton Dowling, MBA PMP Managing Partner is Ed’s special guest for this very timely, fascinating interview!

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Chairman, Committee on International Trade, Commonwealth of Virginia www.ExportVirginia.org/news

1. Trade agreements being negotiated: Summary
2. Implications: workforce strategy towards talent mobility?
3. Significant challenges
4. The recent New York AMAZON situation

As Chairman, Committee of International Trade for Virginia, I'm pleased to further distribute this announcement of accomplishment describing further advancement of Virginia as the international commerce gateway to the USA. Cargo from Asia reaches not only Virginia but the heartland of America through the expanded Panama Canal and Ports of Virginia faster than via ports on the US west coast. Virginia ports benefit advantageous geography, modern infrastructure, efficient intermodal transport; centers of gravity for tech development and right-to-work business climates.

As the Ports of Virginia continue to expand and modernize, the Commonwealth and the Nation can attribute more trade-related economic growth to wise investments in scope and scale of Virginia’s vast maritime and intermodal potential. I’s great to advance more trade from and through Virginia.

Amazon site-search and New York politics:
An example of how and why politics should be thoroughly scrubbed in advance from influencing business negotiations – and tempered in post-negotiation activity. Partisan politics always convey negative implications to both parties in an agreement. In this case, Amazon's investment in pursuit of a new HQ as part of their long-term business strategy is now a lost sunk cost of great magnitude. Amazon will recover. The competitive field of options is already seeking active negotiations. New York, however, will suffer for decades given the scope, scale and value of opportunity costs distributed across a majority of market verticals affecting both public and private sector revenues. Ancillary opportunity costs are incalculable.

Why, oh why, would a politician purposely and with great bravado seek to scuttle a brokered agreement so widely endorsed by voters and constituents? Deals have been closed as a result of the Amazon-NY agreement. Who will cover those losses? No one. Negotiations are the lifeblood of how the world turns. NY's commitment was rewarded. Now, so much of New York’s cache is lost because of unchecked political interference -from the same home team! In business, losses like this can take a company to bankruptcy. Hopefully negotiating lessons learned for
both government and industry.