Elizabeth Lions: Author / Speaker / Leadership Development / Eternal Optimist and Dealmaker

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a three time author and the President of Lionsology.

..She is a leadership career coach, radio show host and eternal optimist.

..Her main focus is to be the good news and inspire all walks of corporate America.

..She featured in a number of media outlets including CBS Money Watch, TexasCEO, DaleCarnegie

Elizabeth has been chosen to teach leadership classes in the US, Dubai and the Middle East.  When she’s not writing or coaching the Who’s Who of Corporate America she can be found on the back of her husband’s Harley Davidson or in the yoga studio twisting for hours on end.

If you think you fall short in the confidence department, don’t worry. Many of us do. Hear Us Roar is a women’s leadership book which is perfect for new or seasoned leaders.  Google Books

Hear Us Roar will show you:

  1. How to be respected as a female leader
  2. How to navigate office politics
  3. How to gain influential power instead of manipulating
  4. How to gain mastery over your emotions at work
  5. How to work with another woman you don’t like
  6. Uncover the reasons why you aren’t promoted
  7. Understand the real reasons why men get ahead at work
  8.  And most importantly, how to support another woman at work and why that is critical to your success.

Where is the economy/jobs headed for 2019?

1) how to be prepared for the recession

2) how to look for opportunities like advancement – now

3) work strategies for 2019, knowing the market will change

Delivering difficult feedback with grace is one of the hardest things a female leader can do, and is the most necessaryit’s never my content that gets me in trouble, it’s always my delivery.

This is brilliant: We mistake our truth for THE truth.   It’s never the truth; it’s always our perception about what we think happened. The mind creates its own reasoning and we believe it thinking we have the truth, but it’s only the narrow confines of our own minds. It’s a mistake to walk into any corrective conversation thinking you have all the facts if you didn’t ask any questions prior.