Global business, a megatrend, has better enabled development of diverse people + economies worldwide and growing a global middle class

Harvard Business:’The only way for organizations to ensure their workforces are fully productive and able to achieve business goals is to make sure employees are continuously learning’.

GlobalBusinessNews Editorial Narrative:

Applying Talent Mobility Life-cycle to the CHRO & Global HR ROI™ objectives … to include developing nextgen top talent for assignments across borders/time-zones/cultures, engage them more via coaching and motivate them with performance rewards & benefits = effective organizations = retention & performance development = improved financials = ROI™

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Global Business requires global talent… diverse people and diverse skills from a variety of nations and backgrounds in order to better develop global products …and to better understand and service customers within the US and international. Smaller companies, not just huge multinationals, are expanding across borders in search of new sales and also sourcing talent. This expands the role of HR to strategic “people management… workforce strategy”. GLOBAL HR policy & practice includes GLOBALLY MOBILE TALENT …sourcing for talent from the world…not just from Western nations…and including this diversity in the global talent pool that could begin to mirror the customer population.

In a global, interconnected economy, jobs will flow to the nations, regions, and companies with the best training and education.
— Larry Fink, Chairman & CEO, BlackRock