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Let’s conclude the year 2022 with our evaluation on how this pivoting year (I believe in some sense for both of us ? :)) was for each of us professionally and personally <if something you wish to mention ??> and our vision/prediction for the New Year 2023 in our business directions.

You had a lot of 1: 1 interviews and group conversations/shows with the Relocation and HR professionals, coaches on several continents.

I am interested in what you learned and can share, your summary in regards to the Global and North American Relocation (for businesses and companies), Remote work options.

I would speak  about my vision for 2023, and briefly summarize my business development and directions.

Are you OK with this agenda?

Thanks and regards.

Emily Bron

Owner and Advisor,  

International Lifestyle Consulting

cell # 647-292-4109 (WhatsApp, Telegram)                                     

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