Hello my friends. Because we are connected I’m informing you of opportunity for speaking roles that will generate very-high positive public relations for you across weeks and months. Have a quick look below and contact me privately for a follow-thru talk.

Broadcast SPEAKING ROLE, virtual or inperson:
I’m now developing a series of 1-day conferences for advanced training + networking …

MAY ’23: London, Paris, Hamburg, Zurich, Milano.
JUNE ’23: Montreal + Toronto

Additional conference programs will be announced: LatAm
US (MIA, DC, NY, BOS, CHI, TX, SEA, PHX, California)
Vancouver BC Canada

All events will be cosponsored by BRANDS having a marketing budget coupled with a strong desire to publicly speak about their Brand’s culture, quality and service agreement.

Each cosponsor will be invited to fully-participate as a speaker and network. I believe the conference series will generate long-term POSITIVE GLOBAL PUBLIC RELATIONS.

Each sponsor will be given THANK YOU GIFTS, including a package of PR services such as 1:1 interviews, group talkshow panelist, business introductions, advertising space (long-term) on our websites, frequent placement of company news/blog in

All conference event/programs will be produced “live inperson” and simultaneously recorded + broadcast via my zoom to the world of business, free global access 24-7-365 via all connecting to my youtubechannel + my LinkedIn networks + my FBgroup + my instagram …and beyond.

Via the “smart” distribution/marketing and exhibition the recording (video + audio + text) audience-reach will easily exceed 100,000/program across the calendar days, weeks and months following each of the original production dates.

Please contact me quickly with date/time you will be avail to speak with me. Thank you.

Regards and sincerely, Ed
(+1) 619 787 3100 (WhatsApp ok)

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