Brynne Herbert, CEO, MoveGuides Gen-Y at Work

Understanding the Mobility Cloud platform

Mobility Made Easy. MOVE Guides is a cloud platform for global mobility and employee relocation that uses the best of the modern web to provide insight and custom reporting to HR while reducing costs and providing a dramatically improved employee experience.

MOVE Guides, is about moving people and families for work internationally – business relocation in other words. The market is worth more than £40bn annually. That means that if expats were a country, that country would be one of the most wealthy and mobile in the world – international business moves are rarely done on the cheap. So today MOVE Guides announces it’s raised £400,000 seed funding – all while founder Brynne Herbert successfully completed her MBA at London Business School.

Herbert says the startups will focus on London inbound moves and worldwide removals, and plans a Series A in 15-18 months for international expansion for full moves to/from other cities.

Brynne, an American-born, former finance professional, has lived in six cities and speaks four languages. “I arrived in the UK to a short-term let without hot water or internet. And I couldn’t get a bank account or mobile phone without a permanent address,” she says. “In a moment of frustration, I asked my husband why it was so hard to organize moving and so easy to organize travel. And he said, I should change it.”