Publisher’s Memo regarding the ON DEMAND edition release date: 

Production on this massive program will yield excellent results, however the time for delivery must be pushed a few days. All is good and yet the process is taking longer than expected due to many edits. I’m now projecting March 17 or 16 (maybe) for public viewing and the mass marketing and distribution. I will inform you when I know more info.

Thank you for being our special guest. Regards, Ed Cohen (+1) 619.787.3100

March 8   #BreakTheBias




Very special recognition to the idea and drive behind this broadcast,

Dr Lynn Schmidt

Boise, Idaho

Profile photo of Dr. Lynn Schmidt

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My New Book …

It’s time for all of us to become antisexist by challenging sexism, championing women’s rights, and creating equality. Let’s create a more equitable world for women and girls.

Award-Winning Author; Intl Keynote Speaker; Executive Coach; Leadership Consultant

New York

Dianne is well-known as a Creative Consultant helping people and businesses identify what-needs-to-change, find solutions, and unleash the power of creativity for growth through the belief that “No-Idea-is-Out-of-Reach.” 

Dianne works with you to pull-together the various pieces of “your story” in order to make a presentation effective by working-for-you.

Author, What Color is Your Event?

Co-Author (with 17 others): Called to LEAD: Success Strategies for Women

her chapter;  The Creative Leader

GlobalTVtalkshow recently interviewed Dianne Devitt


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Pierre Jéronimo 

Spot, Move & Grow Your Talents

Barbara Boldt

Executive Communication Skills

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Sarrah Sammoon

CEO, Magellan Champlain 

Sri Lanka

Global Due Diligence & Immigration Expert; Global Mobility Solutions; Country Rep CIPE; Board, Women’s Chamber of Industry Commerce; SCOR Literary Salon Founder

GlobalTVtalkshow interviews Sarrah

Teodora Purcell LLM JD

San Diego, California   

Larrabee Albi Coker LLP

Immigration Law for Innovators

  • gender equal pay
  • pandemic hits gender equity 
  • flex law firm mgt  
  • gender equality at home =gender equality at work 

***Award-Winning, Creative and Compassionate Lawyer ***Community Leader with Diverse Background*** Trusted Immigration Advisor and Educator***Pro Bono Champion*** Global Workforce Strategic Business Partner***

Nazia Abdul Rasheed


Profile photo of Nazia Abdul Rasheed

Skilled and Experienced HR, Global Talent Mobility & Immigration; self-starting, tech-savvy. History: Oil&Gas, Mobility; A mother and a blogger/Talent Mobility Middle East.

Vivi (Cahyadi) Himmel


CEO @AltoVita
Empowering Global Corporate Housing at scale

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Sandipta Jadhav GMS®

Mumbai, India

Global Mobility Specialist; VISA & Immigration Advisor; GMJ Ambassador – HR & Global Mobility; Travel Management

Maria Nathalia Drueco


St Albert, Alberta, Canada

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist

Partnering with you to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace

“I work with DEI committed organizations to develop leaders w/ inclusive leadership capabilities so they can leverage their team’s diversity and have a high-performing, engaged, innovative, and collaborative team.”

Heazel Trimer

North Carolina
  • Innovator, Global Thinker, 
    Scaling, Tenacious

Profile photo of Heazel Trimer


Stephanie Aker GMS-T


Profile photo of Stephanie Aker, GMS-T


New York metro 

Global Talent Mobility & Change Management Professional. 20+ years experience.

Credible partner in building relations with colleagues, customers and vendors with a dedicated focus on the client and employee experience. LATAM experience. 

Developed culturally agility and a global mindset while living abroad and gained fluency in Spanish.

Maryann Hrichak MA

San Francisco  

Profile photo of Maryann Hrichak, MA

Immigration & Mobility Practitioner  Maryann Hrichak, MA
“Human Hyperlink”; 
TechWomen Impact Coach & Certified Cultural Mentor; 
Published Author & Editor; 
Life-long learner

Mala Hemnani


Profile photo of Mala Hemnani

Shaping high potential women to leadership, excellence & success

Poise Presence Performance

Youth Mentor & Coach

Smart Communication

Cross-culture Coach

ICF Certified Executive, Life Coach

Human Wisdom Coach   

Bindu Menon


Profile photo of Bindu Menon

Empowering global organisations and relocating expats to succeed in doing business with India

“This is my 15th year of empowering multinational organisations and global citizens relocating to India with my India expertise, offering practical solutions on doing business and living in India.

I specialise in establishing alliances with multinational organisations and RMCs, and nurturing relationships that translate into successful business on the ground.

From 2006 to 2014, I managed a pan-India team at ‘Global Adjustments’, taking care of expat mobility needs with empathy and passion, sensitising them to India’s business and social culture, and ensuring a smooth relocation.

Representing ‘Global Adjustments’ as Country Head of Relocation and the single point of contact between 2008 and 2014 at the Worldwide ERC symposiums in the APAC region and the USA, and the EuRA in 2014, further strengthened my business networking skills, resulting in a significant increase in new partnerships and clients.

Cross-cultural facilitation for enhanced business understanding is my forte. Being the lead trainer at several programs for senior global expat executives, the key person to facilitate MNCs like Beiersdorf AG, Vinci, France, Vulcabras, Brazil to set up business in India and working closely with global top management teams, fortified my understanding of expat needs and challenges they face.

Since 2015, I have been offering my India expertise as a consultant to various organisations and relocation companies under the brand ‘ReloIndia’.

I manage international business alliances with RMCs looking at DSPs in India, business delegations, corporate clients with relocating assignees or individual expats who need assistance with their relocation to India.

As key consultant with Semurg Relocations, Mumbai, I manage the World Bank Group account, efficiently managing business relations with the RMC in Europe and the client on the ground, assuring the best quality service delivery at all times.

I take my additional role as an intercultural counsellor for expats and their families very seriously, knowing that the unique insights about India that I share with them enables them to succeed. I am an independent intercultural consultant for companies like Dwellworks, USA and other corporate clients in India.

My 13-year plus experience in the Advertising industry keeps my passion for brands at a high, allows me to think out of the box and give attention to detail while working on any assignment, besides giving me a deep and empathetic insight into consumer psyche across categories or industries.”

Barbara  Boldt


Barbara Boldt

I have lived in foreign countries and been a non-native speaker of a language I had to communicate in every day.

have personally experienced that sinking feeling at the end of a presentation or conversation, knowing that I didn’t get through to my audience.  Effective communication is a combination of language and culture. Successful communications require developing an alternative communication style that works with the language you are speaking. 

In global business that language is usually English.

Emily Bron

Toronto, Canada  

Working remotely has afforded me a complete life reinvention. 

I escaped corporate life in exchange for a remote work lifestyle in some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Emily Bron

My several passports have been stamped with over 40 countries– a life journey that has perfectly equipped this Soviet-born global citizen for the new world of work as an international lifestyle consultant.

How did I make the switch?  Thoughtfully.  Strategically.  Persistently.   click this   

 International Lifestyle Consultant;  RE Investment Abroad;  Global Relocation

Remote Work, Business, Retirement Abroad

Host Advisor Toronto, Canada | Hexedes Advisor;  Expats Living Community

  I created International Lifestyle Consulting to help others to Work, Live, or Retire overseas, enjoying life in the full without compromising health and overall well-being.

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Emily Bron created International Lifestyle Consulting to help others find ways to work, live, or retire overseas, and to enjoy life to the fullest without compromising health and overall well-being.

She believes that by helping her clients to find the location that best matches their needs – in terms of climate, infrastructure, cultural life and community – she would ultimately be helping them to be active and enjoy the lifestyle they want and deserve.

Emily is currently in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but plans to have an international home in the future.

She personally visits every destination that she recommends, to be sure that she is completely familiar with what the location has to offer, prior to suggesting it to a client.

You can find out more about her services and reach out to Emily at any of the following links:

Her website: LinkedIn: Facebook:

I believe that by advising Retirees and families on where to find the best matching place (climate, infrastructure, cultural life, a community) I would allow people to be active and enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.

When the right destination is selected, information is customized for particular needs, and the relocation plan is set up, moving to another country can be not only less stressful but an exciting adventure, a new life chapter that can improve your quality of life for many years to come.

Global Workforce Revolution prompted me to analyze the current Remote Work trends and available lifestyle options. My research for better work-life balance leads to projects offering new co-living/co-working options, would help organizations to provide workshops, team-building retreats at the wellness destinations.

Emily is also Host Advisor (representing Toronto, Canada) of the Hexedes Global Relocation company, connected with a developed network of professional Advisors all over the world.

I am applying accumulated professional expertise in several business fields, personal work, and immigration experience (4 countries on 3 continents) to the International Lifestyle Consulting business model and customer-oriented approach.

Dr. Neyara Radwan

Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia 

Dr. Neyara Radwan
Associate Professor,
Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
Suez Canal University, Egypt
Associate Professor &
Quality Assurance Officer of the PhD program
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia  

Dr. Neyara is a staff member in two Universities in two different countries; in Egypt & Saudi Arabia. She is working as Associate Professor and the Quality Assurance Officer for the PhD program at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. As well as in the Mechanical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt.

She participated in more than 40 International conferences as a keynote speaker in many countries such as: Singapore, Italy, India, US, Philippine and more. She collaborated in many academic international projects and published many papers in high quality peer reviewed journals. Moreover, she is serving as an editorial board member as well as a reviewer in many high quality international academic journals. She is an active member in many international academic communities such as; a member of the Board of Directors of Accord University, Somalia, a member in Asia Logistics and Supply Chain Council (ALSCC), Malaysia. She is also a member in the Global Education Policy Network (GEPN) which is sponsored by Prince Sultan University (Saudi Arabia) and The State University of New York at Buffalo (United States), 2020. She has been selected to be a member of the World Association of Professional Scientistic (WAPS), Springer. Moreover, she is a Country Advisor in Positive Thoughts Non-Profit Organization, India. She has a full membership in the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD), based in Italy.
In 2022, She nominated from G100 as the Country Chair for Saudi Arabia for the Engineering Wing. G100 is a group of 100 global women leaders. Its vision is to create an equal, progressive & inclusive environment for women worldwide. She is an active member in many United nations nonprofit organization. Such as: she is a certified volunteer member in AIEF. Moreover, she is now a global Ambassador. As well as a certified volunteer member in UNIP-UN.
Dr. Neyara got many national and international awards such as Certificate of Recognition from King Abdulaziz University for her research contribution during the year 2017. As well as Certificate of Recognition from the United Nations Associations of Somalia (UNASOM), in recognition of contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. 2020 She also got Research Excellence from Suez Canal University, Egypt for her research contribution, 2021. Moreover, she got the Global Service to Humanity Award from Africa Global Development for Positive Change Initiative, non-profit organization (ADlafrica), 2021
She is interested in volunteer work in Education field, still exert effort in that field.
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Angie Weinberger


Profile photo of Angie Weinberger

Female Founder; Executive Coach; Global Mobility Lecturer… click logo

Angie Weinberger is an Adapt and Succeed Licensed Practitioner

Mumbai, India
Global Talent Brokering & Mobility

Global Mobility, Global Recruitment, Payroll, Tax, Compensation, Total Rewards.

I am a self motivated person, always keen on learning new things to grow my experience. Having worked in Human Resource field for over several years I have learnt how to make and keep a close relationship with people which has been a very important part of my job profile since the beginning. I have been recognized by all the organizations I have worked for.

Kasia Grabda

Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Profile photo of Kasia Grabda

Coach | Psychological Safety | Motivation | Cognitive Diversity | Leadership Development | Team Coaching | Cultural Intelligence

Kasia Grabda

Sumana Bhasin DasGupta

Giving warmth to IndiaProfile photo of Sumana Das Gupta (She/Her)

Senior Director-CSR Fundraising   Mobile: 9810200835

Sumana Bhasin is the eminent great granddaughter of a freedom fighter, C.R. Das and granddaughter of Chief Justice S.R. Das. 

Having been brought up in the developmental environment where her father was with the United Nations in West Africa, Sumana has been exposed to diverse cultures and environments and having a total work experience of over 34 years.

With a commerce (B.Com.H/Delhi University) and fashion industry background, Sumana has received several recognitions and awards for her contribution to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sector.  Recognition by the President of India for ‘Giving warmth to India‘ project and Indo French Chamber of Commerce and Industries to name a few.

She has also been named an Indian Woman in leadership in a book by Rajashi Ghosh and Gary Mclean.

Adriana Fuentes Díaz

Mexico City 

Directora de Cuentas Marketing-Publicidad- RRPP

Autora de: When Strong Women Speak, Strong Women Listen

Yvonne Quahe


Quick note from Global Mobility Book Club  Sandra Corona  

Hi everyone, if you don’t know Yvonne, she works at the World Bank and has an extensive experience in relocations and global life. The experiences shared in her book will be a treasure for anyone wishing to support a global corporation, entity, families abroad, pre-expatriation and repatriation. As a current expat in the Middle East, life might seem glamorous and great from the outside but the motions of the experience and the process from start to finish can leave a feeling of not belonging both at home and host. It’s the same feeling as grief. If grief is a hard thing to talk about for you or experience, Yvonne will reframe it beautifully for you from a corporate meaningful perspective.     ~ Global_ID_Doula Sandra Corona

Liz Espin Stern


 Partner and Head, Global Mobility & Migration Practice  

Liz Espin Stern

Uniquely positioned to advise the world’s leading companies

Liz will dialog with Ed on these items:
Conference Leaders invited to join this conversation;
Ed will Moderate

1.     Women leaders are critical agents of change in a transformational era

2.     The resilience and creativity of women can enrich the workplace at a time when new modes of working are required – the hybrid workplace mandates new ways of communicating and connecting

3.     At a time when the sandwich generation is facing multiple family needs – children and aging parents – eliciting input from women as to flexibility and empowerment is all the more important

4.     Actionable strategies to provide women with leadership opportunities have to be part of the talent equation

Yvonne Dam


Private coaching for ambitious, hardworking business owners who want to at least double their income while reducing their working hours, attracting their dream clients in abundance and becoming the CEO of their life!

GlobalTVtalkshow interviews Yvonne

Elizebeth Varghese

New York


Global Business Leader

People & Technology Strategist

Board Director 


Elizebeth leads and transforms organizations to achieve powerful business outcomes. She is a global business leader and advocate of servant leadership, a trusted C-suite advisor and board director.

Elizebeth furthers People, Technology and HR strategies with solutions in artificial intelligence, Blockchain and robotics – for organizations that operate around the world, and in Space. She is recognized as a global Top 100 Influencer, for her continuing work as a futurist and thought leader. She is a #1 best-selling author on management and leadership. Elizebeth brings creativity, and a thoughtful, collaborative approach to inspire, uncover the best thinking and exceed business results.

Elizebeth is a Partner, and the global leader for IBM’s Talent and HR Reinvention Strategy client services. She is also the community leader for IBM’s Space Exploration Services, and a member of the “Good Technology” team.

Elizebeth is on the Council of Advisors for the SETI Institute, which works with NASA and other space agencies to explore, understand and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe. Elizebeth champions space exploration education and programs. She is a Board member at SAYA, a non-profit organization providing after-school programming, education and college support.

Denisa Goran


Profile photo of Denisa Goran

‘Social Media Specialist & Brand Strategist’

#SocialMedia, #Saas, #B2B, #BrandStrategy enthusiast.

When I tell you the future is FEMALE, I mean it!

#Romania ranks #2 in Europe and #6 GLOBALLY in the share of female inventors for international patents in 2021.

Helping people to enhance their brand’s online identity.


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 Helping people to enhance their brand’s online identity. When I tell you the future is FEMALE, I mean it! ♀️ #Romania ranks #2 in Europe and #6 GLOBALLY in the share of female inventors for international patents in 2021.

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Dr. Fiona Citkin

Profile photo of Fiona Citkin

New York metro

Author, talk-show host, blogger, DEI consultant;

Board Member NJ Chapter Fulbright Association

Dr. Fiona is Talk-show host at “The Bridge for Women Worldwide”, with 7,000+ subscribers, inviting prominent women to interviews.

Intercultural consultant, speaker on women’s issues, diversity, and immigration.


Author of award-winning books,

“Transformational Diversity:

Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive.”

How They Made It in America: Success Stories and Strategies of Immigrant Women.”

Steven Howard

Mexico City  

Mentoring Good Managers Into Great Leaders; 

Expert Global Leadership Skills Development +Education;

New Manager Coach; 


Author of 21 Books;

Book Coach




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60% US and Canada; 20% Europe; China/HK 5%; India 4%; Singapore +Indo +Japan +Taipei +Manila +Viet 3%; LatAm/Carib 3%; Dubai +TelAviv +Saudi +Tehran +Beirut +Cairo +Iraq +Pakistan 3%; Aus/NZ 1%; SouthAfrica 1%.

HISTORY since 2003 1.2 million+ audience pageviews

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