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Global Women in

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CoHost – GlobalTVtalkshow series,  GLOBAL WOMEN


textDr. Lynn Schmidt

Dr. Lynn Schmidt

Award-Winning Author
Executive Coach
Leadership Consultant
International Keynoter


Gail Watson


Women Speakers Association: #1 Global Visibility Platform for Women with a Message. Members in 120 countries, Published over 450 Best Selling Authors. Global Business Connector Since 2011

Vancouver BC – Canada

Profile photo of Gail Watson

Jana Stoudemire

Director, In-Space Manufacturing, Axiom Space

San Diego – US

As part of the In-Space Solutions team for Axiom Space, Jana is helping to create new market sectors in the commercial space economy in low-Earth orbit for in-space manufacturing of biomedical and advanced material applications on the world’s first commercial space station.

She transitioned from pharma to lead life science research in microgravity as part of the team managing the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory (ISS-NL), then joined Space Tango where she successfully established the initial foundational partnerships that are helping to define an emerging biomedical market on orbit.

Jana also served as co-editor of the book entitled, In-Space Manufacturing and Resources: Earth and Planetary Exploration Applications (Wiley, ISBN: 978-3-527-83091-6).



 ~ The Values Differentiator

I “reach” GEN Z

Hull, UK

Profile photo of Annalieza Landa ~ The Values Differentiator

Make Your Marque logo

Make Your Marque partners with leaders to ensure good values convert into growth.

Values are the glue that hold the fabric together, but all around us we see the fabric unravelling – in our nation, businesses, relationships, communities.

It’s time to choose values proficiency over values deficiency.

Values proficiency drives down costs and accelerates growth. Values deficiency drives stagnation, lost motivation and damaged reputation. Costs increase.

Would you not choose an easier life over trouble and strife?

“Businesses that make culture acceleration a top 3 driver of financial growth, building it into strategic vision, can double their CAGR in 3 years.”

~ Source: Heidrick & Struggles – ‘Aligning Culture with the Bottom Line: How Companies Can Accelerate Progress’.

So, values will give you the competitive edge if you identify them accurately and implement them effectively

Barbara Boldt

As an Executive Coach I help introverted tech managers, who are looking to advance their careers, communicate in a way that gets them and their ideas noticed by the people in positions to promote them

Detroit – US


Bindu Menon

Mumbai, India

Bindu Menon

Specialist – Expat Relocation Management and Cross-cultural sensitisation (India inbound)

Mobile: +91-9629030008


Tineke Rensen

Rotterdam and The Hague

Tineke Rensen

Are you an experienced (+5y) service-oriented self-employed woman who wants to double your business in a year AND transform to a business owner?

I can help you with my 32 years of experience.

International Speaker.

How do you hope people feel when they’re around you?

This differs to me what kind of people. In general, I would want them to feel inspired and motivated that they have learned something.

I always love sharing my knowledge and wisdom, can’t stop doing that. It goes further also, outside my work, I always love doing that.

My kids don’t like it so much when I do this, they take it the wrong way. They believe they are never good enough, which is not what I say. I often compliment them and tell them how proud I am of them. When I am at networking meetings I like doing it, and with my friends too. I always like to give advice. So, I guess that is who I am.

How do you want people to feel when they are around you?

One of the things I am passionate about is making the business arena more accessible for women. I speak to so many people who say:

“chances are equal for men and women in the business arena”.

Unfortunately, that is NOT TRUE.

Yesterday I spoke to the first man ever, to whom I did not have to explain this issue.

He is involved in bringing entrepreneurship to other faculties at schools, than just business and economics.

Where most of the students are men, or they already know a lot about entrepreneurship, through family, friends, or parents.

Learning about doing business should also go to the faculties where many girls are, such as the health and beauty industry.

Doing business has been invented by men. And that is all fine. We should be grateful for that.
Every country thrives on doing business. There would be no jobs without them. So, it is essential.
In this era, we need a lot more women who step up and build powerful businesses too, and that is not as easy as we think, ladies.

Women who become quite masculine (like I used to be) have it in them to become successful. The feminine woman is often struggling to create business success.

It all starts with knowing the differences between men and women in business.

What skills are masculine, and what skills are feminine, and how can you combine the two into a strong force?

I created a free webinar about this interesting important topic, which not many people talk about; you can find the link in the first comment.

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #business #success #businesscoach #coaching #leadership #personalleadership

Angelique van der Wielen – Derksen Sheïda Wever Jolanda Bergwerff Gillian de Bruin Anastasia Dellis Tianhui Lu Barbara Rijskamp ∞ Fiscalist ∞ Wiets In den Haak – Frerichs Inge Mous Monique Apon Annemartine Sanders Charmayne Gröning Myrthe Hooijman Margaret (Mags) Welten


Sandra Corona

Expat assignment in Saudi Arabia;

lifestyle, issues

Expatology logoExpatology is the study and theories of life abroad.

We help build resilience, decode emotions and manage behaviors one belief at a time through connection, values, and empathy with yourself and those around you.

Culture is not only social and corporate but personal.

I make ritual, habit, values and beliefs transferable and functional to leverage life, expatriation, transition, and repatriation.

I help adapt and re-adapt to life, work and at home country or host country or wherever life takes you.

Mark Colo

CoFounder, Director


Mark is the author of 2 books…

Peace With Parkinson’s, it’s called a resting tremor, not an Earthquake

Melinda Stallings


Austin, Texas – US

Melinda Stallings


“The POSITIVE Consultant” Helping people and organizations effectively resolve conflict, increase communication, lead positive change and take any situation from breakdown to breakthrough

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Celebrating International Women’s Day with a 2 year labor of love, receiving notice of my trademark. Never give up on your dreams. Find people who believe WITH you and support you. I am thrilled to receive this framed certificate in the mail announcing my trademark designation.
I positively mean business!

Thank you God!

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